Wednesday, April 2, 2008

UCL Q8 preview

It's the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals and like the rest of the world, I too have an opinion. I apologise in advance for the mistakes below!

Arsenal v Liverpool

Arsenal's continental approach gives them a slight advantage over the Reds. Unbeaten in 20 European home matches, 18 of them in the Champions League, Wenger's men can pull off a comfortable win. As for the trip to Anfield for the second leg, ah, let's cross the bridge when we come to it.

Although they have been struggling in the league, Arsenal's brand of open football is such a joy to watch. Sorry la, Liverpool of today is a big yawn as opposed to the Reds I grew up with.

Sorry Graig, Sharif and all Liverpool fans out there, because Arsenal faithful such as Tengku Mahkota Pahang and Dax from MyTeam will have a reason to celebrate early tomorrow morning.

Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Turkish teams are tough nuts to crack, as Anelka or Bilal can attest to. Le Sulk will return to one of his many playgrounds but his ex-team mates will be not generous as to give him the space. Either Zico's men carve out a win or at least a draw. Whatever la, as long as the Blues descend on our shores in July. Then another Malaysian can register a goal against Chelsea, just as Hairuddin Omar did in 2003 when he outjumped John Terry to send a header past Marco Ambrosio. Power wo!

This morning's matches

Roma v ManYoo 0-2

For someone named after Ronald Reagan, Ronaldo does not act the part. What he has been instead is a footballer on the threshold of real greatness. Winning a match in Italy is some achievement, regardless of the opponents. Totti is expected to return for the second leg at Old Trafford, so we can at least expect unpredictable passes from the Romans. Can't wait for Euro 2008!

Schalke 04 v Barcelona 0-1

While Bojan Hodak is cracking his head to chart UPB-MyTeam's survival in the Malaysian Super League, Bojan Krkic may hasten the exit of Titi Henry. By now Bojan needs little introduction. His goal was enough to earn Barca a win on the movable pitch. He did it on the Veltins-Arena, a place called home by Schalke 04, and of which I was privileged enough to visit in 2005. But it's a pity that Kuranyi and Asamoah always seemed ill at ease in big matches.

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