Friday, April 25, 2008

Fixing the fixers

One foreign player left the country last night, while one former international has been remanded for seven days.

The scourge of match rigging has reared its ugly head, again.

The foreigner is believed to have left the country for good, in the midst of police and ACA investigation.

Today the FA of Malaysia announced its intention to save the game by imposing several drastic measures, one of which is to suspend the Malaysia Cup matches kicking off in June.

FAM deputy president Khairy Jamaluddin (picture) did not rule out the possibility of reviewing the league structure in totality.

Although the YB from Rembau refused to pre-judge or pre-empt investigations, he hinted the worst case scenario - for us to return to the amateur days!

The prestigious Intercontinental Cup featuring eight teams in May may also be scrapped.


Wak Arjun said...

For once, I have to agree with FAM. Well, not in total la. Let's not just suspend it. Shelve the league until a solid, believeable and workable solution is found. Please, NO Foreign CON-sultants. We've had enough of them here. In and outside Football. Exhorbitant fees and we got what? Nuts? That's maybe they were dealing with monkeys but that's for another forum.

In all honesty we do have capable, honest, dynamic Malaysian-bred football experts who can revive the league. Experienced man. Not some wet-behind-the-ears glamor seekers. Nothing personal.

Football is a part of the Rakyat. FAM CANNOT revert to amateur status at all cost. That's a good excuse for FAM to run away from their responsibilities though. I mean we are 170 in the world so being amateurs only justify that. Right? Wrong!!So no. No amateurs. We must retain the status and we MUST act as Professionals.

First and foremost, we need honest administrators. Next, we must have sound control right from KJ - Kelana Jaya, down to the districts levels. Discards States/Clubs that have not shown seriousness in developing the sport.I can name a couple but I aint giving free tips for those supposedly experts at KJ. That's not too hard to figure ain't it?

The league is meant only for serious teams - States and Clubs alike. Those making up the numbers, scrap 'em. Dont waste annual grants in the name of developments. We dont need a another scandal in Football.

Think hard FAM. The fingers are, believe it or not, actually pointing at YOUR direction.

Arnaz said...

Bro, how is a review of the league structure going help curb match fixing?
Okay, lets rewind a bit... The semi-pro league had division one and two, then it was changed to premier one and two, then super league and premier league, now what? Split it into four groups and play tournament format to get it over with quickly?
Sometimes we Malaysians get too hung up on these sort of problems and fail to look at reality.
In reality an uncertain number of players have fixed matches. Catch them, shoot them for all we care. Then get on with business. Tell the rest they will be shot too if they fix matches.
Don't bloody complicate stuff by rearranging the furniture because the postman found the wrong address!!
If need be, cancel the whole MSL season and nullify the whole results. Because the champions won due to fixed matches whether it involved them or not.
At the end of the day, the league system works everywhere from England to South Africa to Japan. So please tell us which genius is going to help come up with something extra special?!!