Monday, April 21, 2008

Refrain, please

Dear visitors,

This is a gentle reminder to this blog's visitors.

While the blog author appreciates the feedback and comments, please refrain from launching personal attacks on individuals.

If we were to fully utilise this blog as an avenue to express what is wrong in sports in this country, please do so in a civilised manner.

Otherwise the blog author will have to take the liberty of sending the comments into the thrash bin.

The blog author hates to resort to such actions, but it has to be done if one goes overboard in passing comments or remarks on individuals. We have to respect the rules of the game in the way Zidane respected Elizondo's decision after the infamous head-butt.

Post comments in the name of fair comment which guarantees the freedom to express statements on matters of public interest, as long as the statements are not made with ill will, spite, or with malicious intent.

Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...


We are not qualify to host the Champion Trophy. We are not in the top ten but also we are not qualify for the Champion Challenge tournament but we organised the tournament to please the FIH official in order to gain position in the FIH (Mr. arrogant).This is the first time the host country provided free accommodation , food and air fare. We spent almost 2 million on tax payer money to become champion from the bottom.(Great achievement!) We came to understand that MSN provide the grant for RM 100,000.00 to MHF for oganising this tournament. In hand MSN should know that this tournament is not relevent our National Team because we have no standard to play along top class teams. Why should MSN waste public money. To entertained the foreign officials we spent RM 47,000.00 in a exclusive resturant in Bangsar.

Anonymous said...

Why did MHF organize Champions Trophy. When was it discussed in meeting..which meeting. Project paper was prepared and sent to FIH. Let me tell you.. the President in waiting want to boast to FIH that he boleh. He was eyeing FIH DP but as people say God is great. FIH now knows what he can do. I heard that FIH wants to take action on MHF for not paying and settling bills.