Monday, April 21, 2008

The ex-dg says...

When an individual synonymous with Malaysian hockey says something, everyone else better sit up and take notice.

Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad says the National Sports Council must quickly address the issues surrounding the hockey team's failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

"When we failed to qualify for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 after a poor outing at the qualifiers in Madrid, we decided to reassign coach Paul Lissek for development purposes.

"It was one of the measures taken, after considering all factors. The media too pressured both MHF and NSC to take the necessary steps.

"We must take immediate steps and review the whole situation. If not we are going to face the same issues year in year out.

"Are we willing to face the risk of not qualifying again for London 2012?" said Mazlan, who helmed NSC from 1993 to 2005.

Mazlan urges NSC to address those issues objectively, including whether or not Sarjit Singh has the credentials to coach at Olympic level, on why Paul Lissek did not tag along to Japan at the most critical moment and the reasons behind the 4-4 draw with minnows Italy when they suffered heavy losses to other teams.

"Let us think objectively. NSC should also study whether the coach deserves a pay raise or a pay cut. Sarjit might have the paper qualifications but does he have the pedigree? There is a need to discuss things objectively, honestly and without prejudice. As the government agency in charge of sports, NSC must seize the initiative."

Lissek was removed as chief coach and placed in youth development by NSC after the national team fared badly in the Asia Cup in 2003 but he was reinstated for the Madrid assignment.

He was removed for good after the Madrid outing, paving the way for Wallace Tan to assume the hotseat until Doha Asian Games in December 2006. Batu Pahat-born Sarjit was appointed to the post early 2007.


Anonymous said...

Well said Datuk Mazlan....

Yes, I remember... the media boys went all out baying for blood after Athens Qualifier and China World Cup Qualifier but now...they are all very quiet... shhh.....
I smell a rat!!!

Let's hope the present DG and his team take notice and do something because MHF is hopeless and crippled at the moment.

Anonymous said...

oDatuk Mazlan

Good to hear from you.

Rizal bro.. you interview the right person.

He have left a legacy for the standard of hockey while he was a dg of NSC.

Ask people like Boss, saiful, Mike, Steven, Ho, Yoges and others.

datuks know the right to do..

All the best to you datuk.

Pls do something to save the game that we loved most...

Buangje Sarjit and CO. Bawa foreign coach like before.

Macam mana mahu jadi coach, asyik sibuk kira bunga kat padang...

Hancur sukan hoki kalau orang macam ini masih lagi di simpan.. Lama-lama reputlah.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did I read it wrong or Datuk Mazlan said someone has the paper qualification here. WHAT PAPER QUALIFICATION? --- FIH?????, Sports Science Level 1-3?

Even the the training programmes are copied and paste from the Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Paper Qualifications...Nice to think what paper qualifications in Sports Science his legacy of officers that he left behind in MSN have.....