Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lucky Sarjit

National hockey coach Sarjit Singh is one lucky chap.

He's highly paid, possibly the highest paid local coach in any sport, enjoys the support of the various stakeholders, especially the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the National Sports Council and does not get lynched by the Press despite Malaysia's abject failure in the Olympic qualifiers.


epain said...

lucky?....just look (whether can see or not) who's behind him...you know the person...

wak arjun said...

He's highly paid. The team was highly rated. The flights to Beijing was inevitable. Never a doubt. Not an issue. Beijing, here we come, screamed the boys and MHF. Now how?

But when a team led by a highly paid coach and supposedly had no trouble pitting their skills against the very best at Beijing failed it's rather strange that no noise was made. As they say, the silence was deafening. All seemed normal. Lives move on. Itu macam ka?

Italy we can't beat. The Swiss was a drag. Something must be very wrong but the blame was flatly on kunun2nya poor umpiring. At the very last match some more!! Come on.... Grow up la. Why not talk about how we can't get full points against the Italians. How we struggled and lost to the Japanese? Get to the bottom of the issues. The shortcomings were obvious. We performed poorly. Not the umpires. If we had really, I meant really2 played to our true potential (as claimed!!!), wouldnt it be possible that we would've gotten into the Final even before the Japanese match? Yes?

The blame game would not solve anything. It will only confuse the public. Unless that's the intention la. Blame the Umpires!!Admit saja la..We will try again and we will try harder. And we will talk less. I hope.

As for the highly paid coach, enjoy the weather here at home. Some teams are going to Beijing u know.....

Anonymous said...

Spot on Bro Rizal.
I don't want to come across as a racist, but, have you noticed that his 'countrymen'don't write anything bad about the coach?
Heck, one even went all the way to Japan to cover the qualifiers but the better stories were in The Star and on the last day, your former paper, The Malay Mail.
Frankie D'Cruz's comment piece was a brilliant read.
Frankie has been around for ages and even worked for the Malaysian Hockey Federation at one stage.
Perhaps he should write more articles as none of the other reporters are willing to tell it like it is.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

hai rizal,

always had high regards for the national hockey team as one of our big hope to keep the malaysian flag flying in the world of sports..
but sadly, its not happening now.

Fine they had 'solid excuse' against Japan for the controversial goal, but how about the clash against italy? it should have been full points, nthing else.

We certainly miss the golden moment during the days of minarwan nawawi, nor saiful zaini, to name a few.

It's a 'painful' fact that we will not see the hockey team in the olympics. It was different if it was the national soccer team.

anyway bro, keep up the good work...

fariq ...

Fowler is God said...

I'm sure MHF and Tunku Majid will say: "We are planning for 2012."
Hate to think what will happen in next year's Junior World Cup which Malaysia will co-host with Singapore.
As it is, TM wrote off the juniors when he called back several seniors for the SEA Games.
Is Paul Lissek still earning a living here? Doing what I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Lucky?. Perhaps. Maybe not the next time. Meanwhile Sarjit must learn to tone down his loud mouth and talk as if he is the only one who can save Malaysian hockey.
There are many others before him who has done some marvellous work for Msian hockey. Respect others and others will respect you.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me Malaysian hockey is also at the at the ambang kehancuran. Please no !!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Todays NST-need a video
Two country men covering the blunder of Sarjit.They are now close to Tunku Majid.
The rules of hockey clearly states that if there is no opponent within playing distance,and the ball touches the player's bad stick or body and there is no disadvantage the play goes on.
Best is nothing written about the game badly played against Poland(first game),Italy and Switzerland.As far as the Coaching is concerned,NSC should do some investigation with the players.Are the coaches ready enough to take a National Team. The Junior World cup team in 2005 was entirely coache by Tai Beng Hai.
Sarjit is now getting about RM 9,000.00 and the Gurmit is getting about RM 4,000.00. They are now asking NSC RM 20,000,00 and RM 9,000.00 each.
For the good of sports, local coaches should be encouraged but by proper selection by NSC and not based by ex internationals criteria.
Sarjit has not passed the FIH coaching course. He is more into his money lending businees which involves many of the MHF officials and the current players. Some say that if you want to get into the Malaysian hockey team as player or a coach ,it is very easy, get into Sarjit's money lending business.
To save Malaysian Hockey,there should be a change from the top. Now its only one man show by Sarjit directing Tunku Majid. There is lot of corruption taken place in MHF. Money spend unnecessarily during the Champions Trophy. ACA should come in. Only writers like Mr. Citizen ,Mr.Tony and En.Rizal can reveal all the hanky panky things going in the Malaysian sports. Please save the Malaysian Sports

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Malaysian hockey is heading to the dogs. Firstly we need to analyze why we went to group of death..with Germany. Even when the sun rises in west we can never beat Germany. I heard top MHF official told NSC that we will meet Germany in finals and beat them. NSC must prepare big budget for Beijing. Anyway we did well in Asia Cup in India and choose the group of death. We collected points to be in this group. MHF should know the priority. Planning need brains which MHF lacks. No 2 is more powerful than No 1. We lost a battle here.
Then if we go by the coach comments, we have the best players in the country. We need to agree by this. So our best is not good to qualify for Beijing.The results also speaks for itself. What we must do? We must be sincere.This present players is not world standard. As what the Deputy said previously..drop all the players and get the new ones. Same thing should apply now.
Then if the players are good..the coach is not good. Tactically we are not up to the mark. We should bring in a foreign coach and attach a few local coach. This might do good for hockey. The coach must be independent. He should not get instruction from top officials to select certain players from certain state.