Monday, April 14, 2008

Selamat jalan, Tan Sri

Tan Sri Elyas Omar (left) clocked out of the Sports Commissioner's Office for the last time today.

Some regard the Commissioner's post as a mere registrar of sports bodies. The former KL Lord Mayor believed he was the Attorney-General of sports, wielding the big stick throughout his three-year tenure which was marked by a series of controversies.

His successor is former Sports Ministry Secretary-General, Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof.

Truth be told, Nik Mahmud is a softie and throughout his stint as the chairman of the Sports Advisory Panel (SAP), he showed little indication that he was on the ball and had a firm grip on issues.

He will not be wielding the big stick. Instead he will get the stick, I can guarantee you.


Teruna said...


Saya rasa terharu apabila membaca bahawa PJS akan bertukar orang. Sepatutnya kontrak beliau harus dipanjangkan lagi. Sebelum Elyas, jawatan PJS tidak banyak diperkatakan. Tetapi Elyas telah memberi nafas baru kepada PJS. Banyak persatuan2 yang ditegur oleh beliau untuk memperkasakan lagi pentadbiran badan-badan sukan di Malaysia. Ya lah..ada jugak yang mengatakan PJS tu tak tau kerja dia. masuk campur hal 'rumahtangga' orang kononnya. tetapi bukankah itu kerja beliau.

Ada yang berkata PJS lebih banyak bawak masalah daripada kebaikan..betul ke? Ni saya nak ucap tahniah kepada Kak Aza yang melatik Elyas sebagai PJS..alah U punya favourite Sports Minister..lah. Saya rasa minister mesti konsisten bila buat keputusan. macam Projek Break&Bury di London tu lah. Walaupun membazir duit biar ada cara untuk menjustifikasi. Selepas 2 tahun jadi PJS dan masuk campur hal persatuan2 kontrak dia terpaksa dipanjangkan untuk 3 bulan lagi kerana perjuangannya belum selesai kononnya. Apabila sampai saja tempoh nak habis..hahh baru lah dia nak kata 'semua masalah2 setel sendiri dgn MOM. Tahniah sebab persataun sukan sangat aktik apabila ada PJS..sampai nak ke mahkamah. U tau tak badminton selangor ke mahkamah..i dengar dia orang menang kes..betul ke?

Kepada orang baru yang jadi PJS tu..saudara ajarlah dia macam mana nak hold the big stick. Saudara kan arif dalam isu-isu politiking dalam badan sukan. Suruh dia jangan takut..tekwando ke..judo ke..suruh dia buka silat aje..hehe

cikgu faidza said...

Kepada dato Nik selamat menempuh rona2 sukan negara! buat rizal hashim..nak tanya sikit....ada group dari BAM dah buat makan2 kat restoran makanan laut...plan nak singkirkan nadzmi.......komen anda....

Armstrong, Louis said...

How do I get through the night without you..if I had to live without you..what kind of live would that be..Oh I..I need you in my arms need you to hold, youre my world, my heart, my soul..and If you ever leave..Tan Sri you would take away everything GOOD in his tell me does Rizal live without you???


NOW with him gone..

I see skies of roses too..i see them bloom..for me..& you..and I say to myself...WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD..oh yeah..Rizal says to himself...what a wonderful world...OOOHHHH YEAAHH

Salleh Abbas said...

I'm a bit disturbed when writers give the Sports Commissioner to much credit. i guess people probably dont understand the job description of the SC as required by the Sports law..thats why.

Do u guys remember the days when the Registrar of Societies was recognised like the SC is today..NEVER right!. In fact the ROS is more burdened with organisations than the SC. The registration of sports bodies was removed from the ROS to infact lessen the burden of the ROS. In the process of course the lawmakers made a mistake by calling the SC the SC instead of Registrar of Sports Bodies (ROSB).

The other Commissioners that i know is the COmmissioners for Oath anf the Police Commissioners. One can get carried away u know when you are known as the Commissioner. Coz the commissioner sir might get disillussioned and think that he is the law. Clearly he is only the creature of the law.

Attorney General for Sports..far from it OK!

i cant help but to touch on Teruna's comments. yes SC did after a span of his 2 years of contract and after further extention decided that the sports bodies can resolve their problems own their own. And to justify his statement he quoted the provision of the sports law.

I'm no expert but from the least that i know about the Sports law, Section 23 which he referred to is not of much help to the sports bodies. It basically states that "every sports bodies shall resolve its own disputes among its members and committees through an internal dispute resolution as prescribed by the regulations". What they fail to understand is that thus far there are only 3 gazzeted regulations available

1) Regulations with regards to registration of sports bodies (1998)
2) Regulations with regards to the Sports Advisory Panel (2000) and finally
3) regulations with regards to the disqualification of office bearers (2000). There is NO gazzetted REGULATIONS with regards to the internal dispute resolutions procedures.

So the question is did anybody CHECK? of course not. Its our culture that when a DG or the KSU or the SC says something or decide something we should just respond by.. he has to be correct-correct-correct..after all they know best.

Do you guys know who can be registered with the SC's office.? You will be surpised.

Mr.RZ i hope you would give me room when i revisit your blog next. maybe i could then tell you if you RZ could be registered with the SC's office.

cheers bro.

Salleh Abbas said...

Only 'Sports Bodies' can be registered with the SC's know.

Sports Bodies? Yes sports bodies as define by Section 2 of the Sports Act. It requires the organisation to be:

1. Must be a Club, Society, Association or Company,

2. Must be governing body of a particular sport at district state or national level.

So that means RZ if you and i a group of fellas decide to play a certain game on a regular basis only then we are exempted from registration. Because we are not a governing body of that sport.

A Club in the Sports Act is NOT the same as the traditional understanding Clubs that we know. The Clubs that i use to know is an organisation of a small group of people in a certain small locality. BUT the Club as referred to in the ACT is no different from an association, society etc.

The Clubs registered with the SC's office must be governing bodies of a particular sport at at least the District level. My question to the SC is. Can the SC register a Club in KL or Putrajaya or Labuan? Where is the district brother?

Did u know that although the ACT states the 3 governing levels, it does not separate the governance at 3 levels.

Section 25 read together with sec 15(2) confers all sports bodies the same rights. So whether u call yourself Persatuan Bolasepak Selangor or Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia, you CAN represent the country and call yourself the Malaysia team, LEGALY SPEAKING.

FAM can call itself Football Club of Malaysia (FCM)and still funtion in the same like manner.

The fellas who drafted the Sports Act made serious blunder. off course lah that would naturally happen when you rush things through.

You know which minister was involced during the passage of the bill? off course u know. Sorry not your favourite one

hehe..until next time

cheers RZ

Arnaz said...

Wow, Rizal you got Tun Salleh Abbas reading your blog!!
Tun, no offence, but since your messages are this long, maybe you could try and reduce Rocky and Kak Nuraina's burden of writing your autobiography a bit. Hehehe.. jgn mare..