Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sorry, Steve

Perak coach Steve Darby is generous with his praise on Malaysian football but sometimes I feel he's too generous.

In Berita Harian today he remarked FA of Malaysia's tendency to look towards Europe does not hold water because Kedah's development program right under our noses is something we can be proud of.

Sure, Steve, perhaps you see the glass half full, so do I but let's agree to disagree. The only way for us to learn to raise our game is by venturing outside Bolehland.

OK, Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, Badrul Bakhtiar, Sabre Mat Abu, Fadly Baharum, Bunyamin Umar and Samransak Kram are good players. But honestly I don't see them setting the regional platform alight!

They are not half as good as Fandi Ahmad was during his pre-Ajax days or the late Mokhtar Dahari when he made his debut as a 20-year old against Kuwait in 1973.


Mohd Fadzire said...

Wah...this is a comment to my story ke bro?...
To me memanglah those young Kedah lads are not on par with fandi and Mokhtar,..but at least Kedah berani expose youngster,..which is good for our football what..
Although you know im a die hard Selangor fan,..I dare to admit as a sports writer that the are the few teams yang berani ketengahkan youngster what..

Anonymous said...

Dear Rizal,
Really miss your piece in MM..I'm staying in Doha and wish that Qatar can produce at least half the quality of MM esp in sports reporting..too much cricket laaa..

BTW, as long as our local players playing in our own league, don't dream of going to World Cup or even Tiger Cup!!

FAM should set target gradually, first by winning Tiger Cup (Asean level) first. Only then we should aim or look for the next level..selagi Myanmar pun jenuh nak menang, jgn mimpi ler..

At least big clubs (Perak, Kedah, Selangor etc) should import their players to play abroad, not necessary EPL, Middle East league or Japanese league will be good enough..simpanan pun ok ler, tengok professional culture player lain..

Ini baru naik dah sibok masok URTV da...piiraahhh glamor je lebih mainnye hampehhh..

Keep up the good reporting.

ManCity Fan, Doha Qatar