Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nur Azmi slams Sarjit

MM carried this yesterday

Look at the man in the mirror


FORMER national hockey team manager Nur Azmi Ahmad slammed current national coach Sarjit Singh for not taking responsibility for Malaysia's failure to reach the Olympic qualifiers final in Kakamigahara, Japan, earlier this month.

In Monday's Mailsport, Sarjit said he should be absolved of blame for the team's failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympics and blamed the previous team management.

Malaysia finished third in Kakamigahara while Japan were second and Germany first.

Only the champions earned a ticket to Beijing but the national team's target was to finish at least runners-up.

Sarjit argued the previous management were to blame as they only finished sixth in the 2006 Doha Asian Games, thus relegating Malaysia to the qualifying tournament.

"As the former team manager, I have to protect my squad," said Nur Azmi, who was the team boss from March 2006 to January 2007, when he stepped down along with coach Wallace Tan.

"It is not fair to blame us. As the manager, I took full responsibility for the team's poor performance and the new management should take responsibility for their own failure.

"We finished third at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games but were given little or no praise.

"But when we failed at the World Cup qualifiers in China a few weeks later, it became a big issue.

"We, however, didn't point fingers at anybody."

He said complete reports were given promptly upon the team's return from competitions, regardless of the outcome.

"Reports should be handed in immediately," said Nur Azmi, who is a Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) vice-president.

"The current management should bear the responsibility as they are the ones handling the team, not us.

"We did not blame anyone for our failure but apologised instead.

"The current management should have apologised to the public first, then to the MHF. They should not give excuses.

"If the current management can't handle the heat, maybe they shouldn't handle the team."

Wallace maintained a dignified stance as he didn't want to make matters worse.

"What's there for me to say?" asked the 50-year-old from Malacca, who was the national coach from 2004-2007.

"I do not want to interfere, but I never blamed Paul Lissek, who was the coach before me, or anyone else."

Wallace took over from Lissek in 2004. However, after finishing sixth in Doha, he and Nur Azmi tendered their resignation as they took the blame for the team's poor outing.

Meanwhile, MHF deputy president Tunku Abdul Majid Idris Sultan Iskandar has indicated the national body will not ask the National Sports Council (NSC) for a pay hike for the national coaches.


major said...

azmi n wallace are gentlement enough to step down but sarjit cannot do that la bro. he wl loose alot of money. for him money is everything n who cares about nation. i challenge him la....if he really gentlement, step down immidietly and apologize to the public or least that he can do is admit ur mistake rather than pointing fingers like SRP boys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Azmi

What happen to you for a long time?

Good response from you and Wallace to the Sarjit and Co.

Sarjit should apologize to the public and change the people in the Coaching setup.

Heard that the same people like Rizal, Gurmit and others are still training the team since Monday.

What a disgrace? They will never learn.

When will MHF submit the post mortem report to NSC. They said this week, trow is Friday. Please make this document public!!!

Bring the good knowledge hockey players like Saiful, Dharma, Steven, Colin, Ow, Boss, Sambu, Beng Hai, Maninder and others to be involved with the game.

All the State Association and the leaders get wake and please brush the teeth of the Coaching Setup. Why no comments from the Dummmy Master? Is he in the ICU or incubator?


Anonymous said...

Don’t blame me – Sarjit

Then blame who? Your wife and children.

It must be you who should take the responsibility for the FAILURE.

Enough is enough. Even the players in the National Team are demoralized and their confidence level towards you is diminishing!

Worried about the performance in the Sultan Azlan Cup in Ipoh.

After Sarjit’’s comment in the MM, it shows his intellectual standard of his ability.

Kudos to Ghaz and Rizal for the blog…

Anonymous said...


The MHF BGM is coming soon.

Please all the State affiliates do the right thing.

TBJ is defending Sarjit because of the votes from you all guys.

Is time for a turnaround plan to change all this idi**s and put the right people to govern the game of hockey.

Everybody in the public is aware of the current state of affairs.

Move forward and sacked the necessary coaches and officials who are deadwood and passengers of the MHF Airline! Everybody Can Be Bought is the motto!

All the best…

Why the Coaching Chairman is commenting on the appointments of the coaches.

Apparently, an insider told that any remarks or question about the coaches, please ask him. Anybody has his number?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Azmi and Wallace

Both of you are Man. Don’t know what to say about the current people?

It takes a man to say that is a mistake and apology.

You all took the responsibility for the failure. Please advise this people to do so…

How long want to cling to the post. Fail belahlah bro…

Apa tunggu lagi.. Balik kampung tanam jagung…

Anonymous said...

Brother Sarjit,
I was an ardent fan of yours during your playing days.First Malaysian Hockey player to do the on the run flick after Tham Kam Seng(overhead flick in the 80's)Doraisamy(Scoop in the 50's)
Sarjit now I feel pity for you for not being yourself. I think ,now you got a circle of friends whom are friends because of your status. These were the "friends "whom were backbiting when you were nobody.Now you even have given them good position in the hockey circle because of your good reputation. Some are given as coaches of National Teams. You should realise your true friends were the one whom were behind you always when you needed help during your bad times."Friendship is a priceless gift which cannot be bought or sold.It's value is far greater than a mountain full of gold. If you ask god for a gift,be happy when he sends one. Not richness,money,gold or diamonds but a love of a true friendship".
Brother in Physical Education fitness,Emotional,Spirutual and Intelectual is the main criteria.Sportsman prayer is very important. Sometimes you need the blessing of many people to succeed.
You cannot be accusing people.It's a sin. I don't blame you, because of your present parasite friends might had advice you.It's not a sin to get involved in bussiness. Who denys that even the Ministers,doctors play shares but you must get your priority first. You cannot involve your players and coaches, that is against ethics. My advice get out of it,let your family concentrate on the businness and you in the coaching.I am not getting personnel because money lending is against some religions. It's a sin.
Public have got their right to give opinion but they should also realise the limit. Education is not the criteria to build a persons character. There are many things.Our parents were not educated but yet they brought us up in good faith. You have to take criticism in a proper manner. They are angry because of your invovement in businness , bringging in all your ungrateful friends and your close link with certain MHF officials whom the public hate due to their bad reputation.For them "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely". The MHF officials will be there but you might go. Sincerity is the best in building a human's character. Money comes and goes. At the end of the day you need only 4 sincere people to carry you. Just for your reminder, during the late Satgunam's funeral there were only few sincere MHF personnels. The President and all the Vice- Presidents were not there.For the MHF officials their show must go on. Think about it.Just for good faith.
People might be thinking it is easier to get coaches but its not easy. Compared to the Indian Hockey Federation Secretary you are not that bad.
If you really one to take up the job, please leave your personnel matters behind concentrate on the job.Go back to your sincere friends. Don't make enemies. Be sincere in your work. Pray hard.Make a public apology if necessary. Brother I am sure you will get back everybody's blessing.
Please take this brotherly advice.
Your Ex-Fan,If you change might become your ardent fan again.

Anonymous said...

Hai (Dato) Azmi,
Everyone respected you when you resign as manager. You are a gentleman together with Wallace Tan. This is anak jantan. You all took resposibility. But not this Sarjit. Money talks bro. Just tell him he will be paid only RM 2,000.00 per month and bonus on performance. NSC cannot just pay him RM 20,000.00 per month till 2012. This is rubbish. Only donkeys will agree to this.
After Aslan Shah Cup in May 2008, what this coach going to do. National team doesn't have any assignment. is the coach going to tell the boys to run 20 rounds and sit by the side. Then they play 2 sides. GK coach will train tha GK. Fitness trainer will train for fitness. What the coach will do...lepak and have teh tarik with vadai. Then follow up with 10/2. I also can do that for even RM 2,000.00. Look how smart is the bai. All taken for a ride with goverment money. He has also plans to bring in a coach for goal scoring only. NSC will pay. Keep up the good job. Only Johorean can do it with the backing of very powerful people of MHF...stateman not countryman. Sarjit boleh. TBJ boleh..

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the coaching committee chairman who is responsible for picking coaches for the japan trip has remained silent.
where are you mr param? why the deafening silence?
why was rizal (the coach not the blogger) even in japan?
what are his qualifications? who did he con to be a consultant?

answers please!!!

mhf insider

Anonymous said...

Brother Sarjit,

There are 4 types of friends in our lives:

The ones who laugh with you when you laugh:
Keep them for they are good company.

The ones who cry when you laugh:
Be wary of them for they are full of envy and jealousy.

The ones who laugh when you cry:
Shun them for they are worse than your enemies.

The ones who cry with you when you cry:
Treasure them for they are few and far in between. They are true blessings from God far better than the riches of the world.

You were 2 mins away from reaching your goals but GOD is GREAT to take that all away to teach you a lesson. I pray and hope that you will humble yourself, learn from all this and be a better person. At the moment, you have lost all respect and credibility but over time you can gain them back if you are sincere to change and most of all be sincere to people you come into contact with. I wish you well.

Your friend
"who used to laugh with you"

Anonymous said...

so many issues have been raised in the past few weeks. judging from all the comments, players must be aware of what is happening at the coaching and team management level. if the team is not playing for the coach, we can forget about winnig a game. the battle is lost before the match.

i am sure with all this the players cannot give their best.
mental aspect of the players must be look into going forward. either one has to go! it has to be the players or the coaching / management looking at the current out look of malaysian hockey.


Anonymous said...

Points to ponder:

Since 1990 to 2004 Foreign Coach handled the Malaysian Hockey Team. In between for Sydney Olympics we had use local expertise.

The idea of foreign coach was that the “Transfer of Technology” to the local coaches with regards to knowledge, tactical, technical, professionalism and etc. The local coach during the foreign Coach was Steven, Yahya Atan, Colin and Wallace. Only two local coaches has spend enough time and long enough to learn the traits from the foreign coach regime i.e. Steven and Yayha.

But after 2004, local coach Wallace was appointed. What happen to Steven and Yahya. Heard that during this time the Sepuluh Dua Bhai Sarjit have influenced NSC to consider Wallace and not these two. The Government have spent enough money on these two local coach. But they name Wallace. Both experience and knowledge went to drains.

Why? The answer is simple – Sepuluh Dua had a vision to be a National Coach. Is better to appoint a weak coach which shall permit Sepuluh Dua easy transfer of power. Is like one eye is the King in the Kingdom of blind…

After Tuanku Raja Nazrin announced not to contest Sepuluh Dua had coordinated for his puppets to take over MHF. This made his vision easier to achieved. After Wallace fail and the new regime of MHF in placed, also with the dummy master, one eye bandit, bald clown and bomoh joined the coaching setup. Now Sepuluh Dua rules the hockey. Even people recognize that Sepuluh Dua is the prophet of hockey in this country.

Sepuluh Dua is a Jack of all trade! Involves in everything – administration, finance, selection, where, how, when, whom, which and others. This prophet nailed even his good friends and colleagues who are in MHF. Don’t step peoples toe while the journey to the top.

Is time for Sepuluh Dua to step aside and forgo the definition of prophet of hockey in this country… Just become a layman on the streets of Seri Petaling and concentrate on your Sepuluh Dua industry.

Best of Luck to hockey.

Already miss three Quaifiers and don’t allow another two more – 2010 World Cup and 2012 Olympics.

Very Sad…

Anonymous said...

hutang, hutang, hutang keliling pinggang..

1.7 M - champion throphy;

1k each players for sea games gold medal;

mhf players' rm500 monthly allowance since january.

tolong selesai pada players.

nak kutip hutang

Anonymous said...

Why The Malay Mail the only ones to highlight this issue?
Is there something going on that we don't know about?
Maybe because The Malay Mail don't have vested interest.

The Purpose of Journalism:
l Journalism’s first obligation is to tell the TRUTH.
l Its first loyalty is to CITIZENS.
l Its essence is a discipline of VERIFICATION.
l Its practitioners must maintain an INDEPENDENCE from those they cover.
l It must serve as an independent MONITOR of power.
l It must provide a forum for public CRITICISM and COMPROMISE.
l It must strive to make the significant INTERESTING and RELEVANT.
l It must keep the news COMPREHENSIVE and PROPORTIONAL.
Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal CONSCIENCE

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

I totally agree with you 100% on the PURPOSE OF JOURNALISM. So I guess that not only MHF needs cleaning up but also our local reporters. It is not all but the few that are tarnishing the profession.

Those in power to uphold the integrity of the profession must do something about. The respective editors MUST act otherwise the public is mislead. There is no point in blaming the system but those who breach them MUST be punished.In short anonymous is telling us that the papers must be RESPONSIBLE so as their agent TO TELL THE TRUTH NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

This is the simple reason why MALAY MAIL is the BEST paper, transparent and committed to serve the public well.

PS - Your point on, Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal CONSCIENCE.

This can not happen because maybe they are having one two together.


Anonymous said...


Sarjit must stepdown as johor coaching chairman if he is to be the national head coach. This is part of the reason why most of the things are covered up and the coaching committe can't discuss on any coaching matters. Only issues that are important to him ARE brought up in the coaching committee meeting. Agenda are selected by him and this is supported by the One-Eye-Jack. By then, the supreme council would have met for a teh-tarek session to strategize their move.

Anonymous said...

Lets be practical Malaysia were never gonna qualify to the Olympics! You have the World Champions there

It does not take Einstein to figure that out. To lead the nation to belief we could qualify was ridiculous.