Monday, April 7, 2008

Hockey - Slim chance of making it to Beijing?


NSC, MHF, and the team have left no stone unturned. Why did we then need a last gasp equaliser to draw 4-4 with minnows Italy?

After all the scientific approach during Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said's tenure, is this what we have to show?


Arnaz said...

Bro, I'm sorry. The scientific approach led to more pampering actually. The hockey team even has their own cook flown with them to overseas tournaments.
Can say it has been the same for most other sports. But I know, many think I'm biased when talking about cycling - my number one sport.
But if you look at the sport, you can find some serious examples. When systematic scientific regimes are done right and by the right people, like in the case of the sprints squad under John Beasley, you can see the results in the space of just two years.
When you leave it to the regular goons, like the top veteran handling the endurance squad and his machais based locally, apres melange avec the politics and so on, the results are worse than what we had four years ago, apart from a lucky win in the scratch race at last year's Asian Championships.
The Melbourne-based squad was basically dumped into the deep end and told to swim. But they had the right guidance.
Locally, the whole thing is a mess and they can't even get a racing programme done. Even an amateur road team like Le Tua, who have very limited finances, you can see that with the right knowledge being put into practice, it doesn't take millions to deliver results.
But then again, it is about the millions that have to be spent, now how it has to be spent, isn't it?
Overall, it has been just talk and all about the show that Malaysia is establishing a scientific approach in sports.

All we're left with at the end of the day, is hope and an income tax bill.

Anonymous said...

What to do? Coach talks a great game, but what has he achieved as a tactician?
Who has he discovered? There is no flair or individualism. The players are robots. No wonder kacang teams like Italy also cannot makan. MALU.
Tunku Majid? Do something besides promoting orang Johor lah ... ooops, he's Rizal's 'best frend'.

Anonymous said...

What Scientific approach? 'Tepuk dada tanya selera', are those involved in decision making and attached are truly representation of sports science/ scientist? These entire 'sandiwara' of sports science by present management is likened to 'melepaskan batuk di tepi tangga'.

Wak Arjun said...

Not just hockey..also a few other hi-profile sports pun sama. Look no further than football. Apa ni FAM? Talk c*ck most of the times. Train here. Train there. And drain money for God knows what. We can go and send 2 or maybe 20 boys to Chelsea (why Chelsea? Chelsea top team meh? ;))but at the end of the day the taxpayers would like to see us beat the day-light out of Laos or Cambodia which amazingly we did not haha! But with a new "Kid" on the block at Kelana Jaya (KJ? hmm...)not sure if we can really look forward to improving our ranking. Can we play Bhutan every week bro? If Bhutan also we struggle then we may as well close shop at KJ urrmmm..I meant Kelana Jaya, & try fishing or something. Dont waste money and dont talk c*ck. Enough la..Dont tipu us with all those potential talk la, the team is peaking at the right time la, gold medal within reach la, PASTI BOLEH la bla bla bla to justify the never ending spending...

As for hockey, tough luck...say goodbye to Beijing lest I be proven wrong.

Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

real disgrace...Italy is no hockey playing nation

As a hockey player myself, the grassroot level fundamentals of Malaysian hockey is not there !

There's a duplication of effort - What is the relevance of having a National league and Razak Cup, Sukma, Champion Schools,Jr Hockey league, U 21 , are they different

National league hockey is meant to be Club Hockey. Which is rubbish. How many states in malaysia have even a state league ? Therefore how are you going to have strong clubs ? Teams like Navy Dolphins don't even compete in a state comp yet they've played in a number NHL's.

Irrespective of competition, it is the same old "hockey whores"going from one tournament to another. How you going to find new talent.

Take current Oympic Champs - Australia. Clubs over here have a development program of U10 & 12's. Besides that they have squads in all the grades from premier to div 6

Furthermore, some of the clubs here have their own facilities. i.e club house and astro turf. This has only been achievable becuase of a strong management structure at club level (MHF please take note)

Sadly Malaysia have no business being in the olympics. NSC is hopeless and you can't say they dont have the resources (cash & infrastructure).

In the 80's they took way TPCA's stadium in Jln Raja Muda. They denied one of Malaysia's best run sporting clubs from continuing to thrive in excellence and produce sporting talents

In return what can they show for it - Sweet Phuq All !
Even Takraw can't win anymore

What next gasing ?

Anonymous said...

I think it's not fair to blame sports science. How much sports science do you think the hockey team is using?? Practically NONE! They are following a so called 'Korean program', which involved running, running and scientific is that? Just because it worked for Korea doesn't mean that it will work for Malaysia...this is the mentality of the coach. Sports science can offer so much to them, if only they use it. Look at the Aussie team, they use sports science to the hilt!

rizal hashim said...

Hockey today is nothing like those days la. I'm reduced to being a sentimentalist!

was in doha asian games in 2006 and there was little indication that the team would become world-beaters or at least real Asian class in the immediate future.

Anonymous said...

The problem with them is INCONSISTENCY! They are brilliant for one day and sucked the next day. How can you be a world-beater like this? There's not long term planning, not fully utilizing the sports science services offered.
They seriously need to look at their approach to training if they want to be a force to be reckon with in the future. !st step is to stop copying other people's program.