Monday, April 7, 2008

An alternative forward base

After all the hue and cry over the proposed high-performance training centre in
London, should we consider a cheaper alternative, also inLondon?


Lazarus Rokk said...

Dear RizalH,

Got to know of your blog only today from Arnaz. Finally we have a dedicated sports blog, and by no better than Rizal Hashim himself. Good for you bro, and will be looking out and forward to your postings/comments. Cheers

nstman said...

You are one of the few sports journalists I admire. I like your writing and the guts to speak up. Keep it brudder.

Shamsul Yunos said...

Cool blog bro,
keep it up,
give them hell

Anonymous said...


Bumped into this blog of yours today courtesy of Rocky's page. Read through all your postings. I would say, its a great change from the March 3 Tsunami news all over the blog pages. Great job bro! Look forward to more OPEN reporting on your forte subject matter.

Goostee said...

How to change site as money has been spent ? You know, someone has been bragging about going back and forth to London to get the Birkindonbury project going months before it was made public. At that early stage he was alredy broadcasting that everything sudah bisa di atur". We were in no position to doubt his words as he had really been commuting up and down and married to the former sports queen.

rizal hashim said...

Dear Bung Rokk,

Thank you for your kind words. We Johannians must support each other, eh? hahaha.

How are you keeping?

Tq for visiting.

rizal hashim said...

Dear Shamsul Yunos,

Are you not the one earmarked for the Setiausaha Akhbar Menteri Belia dan Sukan once upon a time?

No doubt due to your good friend, eh?

Anyway, tq for visiting. I was an avid reader of Garage!

zorro said...

Rizal, you may not be able to see her for a while ..... she is in my fart chamber for misbehavior beyond the call of duty.

Yes, finally a blog on sporting activities, uncensored(?)I fervently hope. Can or not....get the politicians out of our sports.

Anonymous said...

Salam dan selamat maju jaya dari former economic journalist yang membaca akhbar setiap hari bermula dari belakang... apalagi ketika MU sedang mendominasi EPL hehehe.

I have bookmarked your blog


ZACH said...

nice to have you on the blogosphere. from cikgu coaching.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rizal,

I am delighted to see you starting a dedicated sports blog. If Azalina hates your guts, then I love your without fear and favour writing. Let your blog be the authoritative voice for sports in this country which unfortunately isn't on good hands as evident by the decline of most sports in the country with the exception of bowling, badminton and lawn bowl. I look forward to more insider stories from you about going-ons amd ,anipulation behind the scenes like the Briockendonbury fiasco. Happy blogging.

April 7, 2008 11.10pm

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum last...this is the so called in the pipeline u mentioned to me when we had a chat sometime ago..buka main yek..a loose cannon indeed...anyway congrats bro..enjoy every bit of life in ur own way by being just u...

rizal hashim said...


I'm afraid politicians and politics are very much entrenched in our culture, even in sports.

Majority of them are in it because of their passion but some are guilty of using it to further their interests.

I shall not delve too much into this, Cikgu Sir hahaha

rizal hashim said...


I'm honoured, Sir.

remember ManU's visit to Balai Berita in 1995 sans Cantona and Ferguson?

rizal hashim said...

kak nurad,

nur nadia sabrina and mr alias s sihat?

Saya suka-suka aje buat ni, sambil mengisi masa terluang dan berehat daripada menukar lampin anak!