Friday, April 18, 2008

Encik K - caught in the FAM DB controversy

According to its statutes, FA of Malaysia disciplinary board must be helmed by one of its council members. So is the deputy chairman.

The DB chairman is Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat, an independent council member. So there's no issue here. But his deputy is Kamaruddin Abdullah, a lawyer and not a council member of FAM.

For the uninitiated, Mr K is a member of Karl Weigang's 1980 Olympic squad that beat South Korea, Japan and the Philippines in the qualifiers.

A former Customs officer who then pursued a career as a legal eagle, Kamaruddin was one tough nut to crack as a defender.

I was told he was acted tough on Dollah Salleh and Co during the DB proceedings on on the controversial walk out of the four strikers from the Ian Rush clinic.

Sharing his sentiments was former FIFA referee, Datuk George Joseph, my fellow Johorean.

Were they bound simply by the guidelines and power point presented by the secretariat, with little regard for common sense?

And if Mr K's appointment is not valid, the decision to dock three points of Selangor, the fine imposed on FA of Selangor, Dollah and the four players can be declared null and void.


member batu pahat! said...

Hello bro....skrag semuanya terjawab.Timb.Presiden kelahiran Perlis pun dah mengaku yang DB tersilap.....tapi yang bestnya mana statement dari Ahli Parlimen Rembau yang juga Timb.Presiden....bagi saya kesalhan yang dilakukan FAM khususnya DB ni kan satu kesalhanyang nyta memalukan coz barisan yang menganggotai DB di kan golongan cerdik pandai......Yang En K ni pulak celah mana la pulak tiba2 muncul.....ada member saya nak check dgn FIFA lagi bagi menentukan kesahihan hukuman yang dijatuhkan.....Sudah tiba masanya FAM juga harus masukkan lebih ramai pengamal undang2 dalam j/kuasa DB.....Malu la ckit......

Salleh Abbas said...

Who has the power and the right to make a ruling that the composition, formation, and the decision of the FAM DB is wrong?


Please remember, the SC has no business making rulings on the sports bodies after issuing the reistration certificate. PERIOD!

So where can one go to redeem oneself? Dont ask me ask....

just playin with you bro RZ. On a serious note, the Sports Act today governs the SC and the sports bodies. So all are screwed.

cheers RZ

Anonymous said...

Was the decision to dock Selangor 3points politically motivated? Kan MB/president FAS orang PKR. Deputy FAM orang UMNO.

Just a thought