Friday, April 25, 2008

ACA aje...

Maybe, just maybe, this is why we need an independent ACA, one that will act without fear or favour, just like in the case of match-fixing involving footballers.

Whether they are current internationals, ex-internationals, water-carriers, windshield wipers or playmakers, is immaterial."

Friday April 25, 2008 MYT 7:45:48 PM
ACA: Azalina only acted as patron

PETALING JAYA: The Anti-Corruption Agency's (ACA) investigations show that Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said only acted as the patron of the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia, and was not involved in the expenditure matters of the foundation.

In a statement issued Friday, the agency stated that it started immediate investigations following several press reports, checked all related documents, and interviewed several staff of the foundation.

“On the RM1.4mil expenditure, the auditor had translated “persembahan” (performances) as entertainment, whereby in the context meant the opening and closing ceremony of the National Women Sports,” the statement added.

An English daily had reported that the foundation, in its annual report, had stated that their expenditures included RM2.1mil for meals and accommodation, RM710,000 for printing and stationery, RM242,000 for volunteers’ allowances, RM1.4mil for entertainment and RM858,000 for travelling and transportation.


Arnaz said...

As I said in a previous comment, you can rest assured that the ACA will end up finding nothing wrong after having gone through everything......
It was the same with Le Tour de Langkawi 2007 accounts in which there was surely some serious irregularities conducted by the long, long, long serving MNCF president Abu Samah and his string of machais. ACA went in, and NOTHING. The same again here. When normal people or journalists like us can see what is happening so blatantly, I wonder why ACA hardly ever finds anything wrong.
ACA = Aku Cari Apa?????????

Anonymous said...

Bro n arnaz..
hahaha..that's so funny la Aku Cari Apa???
as long as officials from MSN ie. dato zol, rashid, KBS KSU come forward...nothing can be done and she'll walk free, along with the bag of money she's taken from MSN. while we try to improve malaysia sports, these crooks comes in and robbed us of everthing...
it's high time we bring azalina n her cronies to task!

Arnaz said...

Mr. Anonymous, crooks are synonymous with Malaysian sports. You will find few, and even fewer politicians, who will go into sports sincerely and without hidden agendas.
While some shuffle quite well between making a gain and ensuring the well-being of their sport, others just remain doggedly loyal to the former.
But surely, you can rest assured that the crooks will always come up with new ways and means to trick the system and all of us.
Uncovering their tricks and bringing it all out into the open, only serves to make them wiser. They'll come up with a better trick the next time.

Anonymous said...

have you guys heard the latest? tourism ministry, via the innocent-as-claimed-by-aca azalina, has approved rm3 millions for the now-not-sure-whether-will-be-staged intercontinental cup organised by company which her former crony, datuk seri ibrahim saad is a highly paid consultant..

wah, after kbs, maybe we will see 'strong support' from tourism ministry for party to untung from this new found commitment? WSFFM, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

with regards to the corruption in malaysian football, i wonder how come the former sports minister did not do anything. she didnt know this is happening? has she been sleeping on the job ? ACA ajeeee

Anonymous said...

ACA - aku cilok aje
ACA - aku cop all
ACA - ada commission aa

care to tambah, bro? ha ha ha

KakiBola said...

rizal and others..
what is there to shout about over this matter? those people are well protected. the ones that going to be victimized are those who have little to say and little to do. lets see where will this cari apa goes....

Anonymous said...

Nobody can touch her. She is very strong. I personally request God to take action. Brother,she can spend money to hire a flight to send the flag to Mt.Everest. Hire private jet twice to Korat.Hire flight just to have dinner for RM 12k. Unnecessary expenditure for the women's sport.Can hire 4 clowns of a profession as advisors to run the country's sports. KBS suppose to send 50k to NSC- gone missing.Brothers company involved in supplying sports goods for NSC and KBS.
She is really strong. Lepas Citizen punya article pun sudah selamat, apa lagi?
I feel sorry for the rakyats money