Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pick him, FAM

Dear FA of Malaysia,

As an avid supporter of the game, I have always been in favour of hiring naturalised citizens to don the yellow and black stripes of Malaysia.

Here we have a Malaysian-born defender with a distinctive Japanese name, who if we are lucky, is available to strengthen the rearguard! No hassle of the paper work as he was born in Malaysia!

Tadashi Takeda, born in Malaysia, age 22. Plays for Jef Ichihara United.

Any takers?


Arnaz said...

I told them so many months ago, during the Asian Cup disaster...
But even if Tadashi comes here, he first must go to finishing school to study Malaysian football ethics and drill into his mind 2 things -
1. Officials are boss, even if they don't pay your salary or shortchange you.
2. You are just a stupid footballer, so just shut up and play.

Then again, the level of football here is even higher than Bhutan. So, there is no hurry in hiring naturalised citizens to represent the country.

rizal hashim said...

Arnax, I like your sense of humour. Tq for visiting.

BorakBola said...

Question is; would Tadashi san like to play for Malaysia?

rizal hashim said...

Moshi moshi Borakbola, that's up to FAM la to do the groundwork.

Do you agree with the concept of hiring foreigners? I know you don't hahahaha


Anonymous said...

I know about this Jap few months a ago, Sathia told me bout him...wish FAm would take him as we got nothing to loose...
I totaly agree with u bro,..just imagine if dulu FAm amik si Bakamenga tu,..and now this Jap guy...
Maybe we wont be trash as Asian Cup,..and maybe too have a decent national side that can give a fight.
But what to do,..tuanku tak nak..
-Malaysian Scauser