Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thanks Rockybru

Wow, my ex-boss featured me in his famous blog as the enfant terrible of sports journalism in Malaysia.


My reputation is that bad, eh?

Thanks Rocky. For signing my OT claims.


Anonymous said...

Saudara Rizal,

You shud thank Rocky for if not for him, I wudnt have known that you have this! Ha ha!

Keep up the good work and welcome to the blogosphere bro. May the force be with you...

Teman Lama dari BH

Wak Arjun said...

Yo enfant terrible!

All along I thot it was meant for Cantona!! Ooo Ahhh!! Welcome to the Les Terribles club Bro. At least you showed the world that YOU GOT BALLS!! Too bad that the LADY Minister can't stand the sight of you. That's the prob with scumbag, with no balls. Can't face nor hear the truth. Pls keep the cannon booming. And of course, coming from Rocky I am sure it was a compliment.

Cheers bro. Will try not to miss you tonite. RTM eh? Boleh la.....once in a while...for you maa....

Anonymous said...

Saudara Rizal,

Saya ada juga mengikuti perkembangsan saudara dalam MM, i quite impress dengan kejujuran saudara dalam menulis.

Keep up the great works, cheers


Anonymous said...

Bro Congratulations

Tapi jangan gembira sangat la, you dari dulu did not report fairly, selalu ada agenda sendiri, yang you interested sangat is to do newsletter untuk Lawn Bowls, buat magazine untuk Sultan Selangor Cup dan macam macam lagi, sekarang bila you tak da dalam surat khabar siapa lagi nak tolong kamu, you bantai tanpa sebarang fakta and tak tentu helah, sekarang we see how it goes, dengar cerita ada seorang pegawai sukan akan menyaman kamu untuk RM 20 juta, beliau menunggu sehingga kamu keluar dari Malay Mail.
I think you better wait for the legal letter la, since you dont work for Malay Mail anymore, maybe you should find a part time job la bro.
Next time you should get your facts right bro.
All the best in blogging.

Wak Arjun said...

Salam Bro.

1. Lu anon. Letak la nama at least orang kenal. Apsal? Takut kena sue? Paling idak yg intim dgn lu kenal la that u got u-know-what. Lu memang potong stim. Out of the blue nak issue threat 20-30M. U urself got ur own agenda. Belah la. For all u know u r filthier than the person that u gave ur warnings to. I tried not to be biased but bro Riz did his homework and shd he went astray pasal stim or whatnot then I remembered him apologising. Mana ada reporter lain yg nak singkap issues in FAM? AFC, MSN or any other sports for that matter. Ramai cari makan je bro. If u r a reporter urself than I gather u r a burung tekukur cari makan kind of jorno. Org bayar gaji suruh report, bukan make up stories. But that's ok. Whats come around goes around.

So dont go around scaring people with legal letter la, 20M suit la. Bukan lu yg nak tetapkan rezeki orang. I am sure he knows how to feed his family. So mana pegawai sukan tu? I like to attend court to support bro Riz.