Monday, April 21, 2008

Tunku Majid defends Sarjit

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation submitted a revised pay structure to the National Sports Council long before Sarjit Singh's soldiers faltered at the recent Olympic qualifiers in Japan.

MHF deputy president Tunku Bendahara Tunku Abdul Majid Idris Sultan Iskandar said the proposal was submitted to the government agency with the consent of the president, Tan Sri Anwar Mohd Nor, shortly after the Asia Cup in Chennai last year, when Malaysia finished third.

"Everybody asks for a pay rise but it is up to NSC to decide. The recommendation was done by the coaching committee long ago," said Tunku Majid.

But Tunku Majid said he would recommend for the issue to be dropped and instead impose a target for Sarjit to work on, which is to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

Despite the issues raised after the Japan tournament, Tunku Majid stood by Sarjit, insisting that the former national skipper had performed creditably, having guided Malaysia to the runners-up spot in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and third in Chennai.

"As I told you earlier, we had to start from scratch after the Doha Asian Games and the intention is to shape a decent squad for the Asia Cup next year, which is a platform to qualify for the World Cup 2010."

Tunku Majid also refuted suggestions that MHF were heavy in debt, saying the matter would be settled once the sponsors who had committed to help the national body fulfill their obligations.

Tunku Majid also dismissed the allegations that he had arbitrarily made decisions on behalf of MHF.

"Please correct the misconception that I bulldoze my way through in MHF meetings. My job is to deputise for Tan Sri Anwar in whatever he asked me to do, but if there is something that I see can be improved upon, I would express my opinion."

On allegations that certain individuals in the national set-up are involved in the money-lending business, Tunku Majid said it was against his principle to poke his nose into people's personal lives.

When asked about some of the comments posted in this blog touching on Sarjit's part behind Malaysia's abysmal performance in the Intercontinental Cup in Poznan in 1993 which put paid to the nation's hopes of qualifying for the 1994 World Cup, Tunku Majid said Sarjit and Terry Walsh remain the best of friends.

Tunku Majid also reiterated his belief that the national team would perform to expectation in 2012.

"If the target of doing extremely well in the 2012 Olympics is not met, I would gladly leave my post and let someone else take over. I would also like to urge those who think they can contribute something to the game to come to MHF, come to the ground and offer their services. Stop spreading malicious lies or comments in the Internet."

On the allegations that he had not lift a finger to raise funds for MHF, Tunku Majid said he dug into his own pocket to come up with the start up fund of RM500,000 to run the Junior World Cup.


Anonymous said...

another scoop eh.

bugger who should be writing for us. what a pity your good friend vengaboy doesn't like you.

ps: will you allow us to use comments in paper. haha

Viva Rizal

Fowler is God (who know who lah)

rizal hashim said...


Sure you can but give due credit la.

And Fowler, no dadah antics on the touchline, please


Anonymous said...

Senanglah until 2012 ....we wait...then say pitch slippery and old...umpire need video evidence..etc.& etc. Let's have some credibility here.
Anyway on Dato' Wira Mazlan coming back to the sports scene..With all due respect to him, I think he should retire gracefully and let people with fresh ideas and a SOLID SPORTS SCIENCE base to plan the country's future in sports. People with a background in management should stick to what they do best i.e. manage and plan the logistics involved in the development of sports.

Anonymous said...

Dear TBJ

Please do a through investigation.

Dont say that money lending is a private matter. This business involves with the players, coaches and others.

Do something and TBJ dont just coverup the matter under the carpet.

Heard the appeal letter was written by a reporter in Japan and not the Manager. How come?

How to help and offer MHF help? The coach, dummy master, one eye bandit, bald clown and a bomoh @ Jailani are running the show!!!

This matter now is a talkabout matter among the public.

Thanks to you Rizal Hashim.

Enough of Coverup, time to take action against the misconduct.

All the best...

Anonymous said...
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Si said...

A leader is judged by his words.

I am extremely dismayed with TBJ's remark about not poking his nose into others' personal lives. It is noble indeed but when allegations are rife about conduct of his coaches which affect the performance of our beloved national team, then the appropriate respond would be "we will investigate and get to the bottom of it", not to brush it off like it's none of his business.
These allegations if found to be true can spawn to bigger issues since it involve coaches, players and officials in the MHF. One which obviously comes to mind will be selection of players and officials for tours and competitions and appointment of players for leadership positions in the team.
I am not quite certain about Sarjit's capability as a coach but if he has brought some success as evidenced in the Azlan Shah Cup and Asia Cup as reported, then he must be leading the team in the right direction. But for the team to perform so well and then the complete opposite within months, something must be seriously wrong somewhere. A leader is needed at this hour to find out the reasons and put in corrective measures however harsh and unpopular it may be.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


For once you have done something right by not going forward with the pay increase.

I salute you but Tunku, why aren't you checking if the allegations about money lending is true or not?

The rumours must be squashed as it will affects Sarjits reputation.

You must clear him and only then will the public support him again.

Tunku, you said you raised half a million for Junior World Cup Kudos.

But how about raising money for development as well. Has MHF payed back Raja Nazrin his RM2mil?

Carry on with the good work Tunku

Anonymous said...
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rizal hashim said...

Anon 8.23am,

I agree with you that bureaucrats stick to their job and leave technocrats to perform the technical stuff.

But what happens when a technocrat fails to perform as a bureacrat?

I've lost count on the number of times I argued with a lot of people about sports science and the National Sports Institute on whether they were ready to be on the forefront of sports development in the country.

If you look at things objectively, you will notice ISN is now known as a mere support group. ISN should be bigger than that.

It should be a research-based institution similar to that of the Australian Institute of Sports. Does it have the manpower, knowledge and management skills to perform as such?

Study the composition of the support group that accompanied the national hockey team to Japan in the recent Olympic qualifiers. How many of them are staff of ISN?

Funny though that only NSC is bearing the brunt of the criticism.

As for Datuk Wira Mazlan, you have to give him due credit as the thinker behind Malaysia's 10-gold haul in the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

He prepared working papers to create training centres for divers, weightlifters, programmes that helped produce bowlers who were not grandmothers and shooters in the ISSF category.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tunku,
We know your love for hockey. You are very passionate about it. With money lending business lingering on Sarjit's head, why don't Tunku set up a committe to investigate. Then prove it to all. The committe members should be former National players like Nor Saiful Zaini, Mirnawan, Sambu, Maninderjit and headed by Dato Ho Kok Chye. May be NSC can be invited but not Arifin.

Anonymous said...
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