Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moi, on TV?


I can't make it to RTM tonight. The better half has been admitted. Some viral thingy. I hope it's nothing serious.

Original entry

Thanks, terima kasih to RTM for inviting me for tonight's I@Sukan.

It's a reality show featuring sports presenter-wannabes.

The pretty Yatt (my wife is pre-occupied with the kids and her books, so she doesn't have the time to read this) and Hafizal Hamad are the hosts. And I'm one of the three judges invited to give our two sens' worth - alongside luminaries Tuan Haji Hasbullah Awang and Tuan Haji Abdullah Hasim.

I grew up watching and admiring Datuk Rahim Razali, Aziz Ibrahim, Dzulkarnain Hassan and Amran Hamid . That's quite a benchmark for any wannabes!




Anonymous said...

bro. check up this blog www.utusanlfc.blogspot.com (teman tapi mesra blog)

Monster Mom said...

I too admired Rahim Razali for his cool and natural manner as a presenter but sadly I can't say the same to Hasbullah Awang.

pah nur said...

Hasbullah Awang still active ka? Hmm...

Hope your better half gets better. No medication for viral. Just rest. Don't worry if the whole family gets the bug. That's coz family is about caring and sharing, albeit the sharing part can be a little annoying sometimes.

Anonymous said...


Who started the very famous slogan Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara ? Any idea?

rizal hashim said...

Monster Mom and Pah Nur,

I'm pleased and honoured to have two ladies visiting this modest blog.

Hasbullah Awang is still very much in the frame, pah nur.

Tq for the advice. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. My wife is scheduled to undergo colonoscopy tomorrow morning, for the umpteenth time. Pity her.

While she's all alone at Ampang Puteri, I'm left with three chipmunks (to borrow monster mom's terms) at home.

Wish me well too hahahah

Anonymous said...

salam again rizal..sorry to hear about sal..how is she now..jgn gatal tangan menaip je tau..tolong tolong lah picit isteri tu skali or u can do both at once..ingat sukan sukan gak..bini mau jaga aaaaa..nanti laliii u mau kejar pakai kasut apa pun x dapat..akak zaman kasut fung keong tau
adios...kak nurad