Monday, April 28, 2008

An audience with Tunku Majid

Malaysian Hockey Federation deputy president Tunku Bendahara Tunku Abdul Majid Idris Sultan Iskandar has granted me an audience with him before the MHF Council meeting on May 4.

I hope His Royal Highness allows me to have a no-holds-barred session this time.


Anonymous said...

Jangan risau,kalau masuk Kamunting,Bersih dan Makkal Sakthi akan melawat.Don't worry the 5 brothers will take care of you. Banyak risau kalau kena macam pemain hoki dan Cikgu kena. Selamat Berjuang untuk keadilan dan makmur negara.
Insan yang Baik

Anonymous said...

Go and see him....

tell him what's happening now in the team...ask tunku to have a chat with the players personally....

I believe many of them are not hppy with the coachong staffs and management too...

Listen to th players first and not the public....

Juan Escarre said...

The Bitter Truth

Go ahead and tell him the truth.

We underachieved quite a long time despite the many hockey resources that we have. Remember, apart from THAT 4th Place in '75, we have never achieved any higher than 8th in WC & OG (let alone qualifying to the CT on Real Merit)

Improve on our domestic structure.
Have a fixed club season.
Enforce all states HAs to play their part. I believe they aren't doing much especially after the U-18 level.

The foundation to a strong National Team is always the Domestic Competition.
NOT Full Time Training.
(this is where we lose out, when some players lost opportunity to play Club Hockey abroad to concentrate on National Training)

Anonymous said...

Hendak ikut abang.
Kalau tidak tolong bangkit perkara-perkara seperti berikut:
1. 10/2 Jurulatih
2. 10/2 Pemain dan Jurulatih lain terlibat.
3. Jurulatih terlibat dalam betting bola sepak dan hoki
4. Pemain juga terlibat dalam betting di Jepun. Sampai ada yang berhutang beribu-ribu.Betul atau tidak.
5.Jurulatih sering ke Kasino apabila diluar negara.
6. Bagaimana status pemilihan Penolong-penolong jurulatih Kebangsaan (Garmit)
7. Hutang MHF. RM 47,000.00 dan RM 7 k.
8.Perbelanjaan MHF,penglibatan setiausaha.
9. Status Paul Lissek dan penglibatan beliau dalam 10/2. Betul atau tidak?
10. Keperluan Jurulatih luar negara.
11. BGM ada yang hendak letak jawatan atau tidak? Atau terus sampai hoki jadi Nombor 100 ( ranking)
12. BGM hendak bawah orang baru atau tidak?
13. Jurulatih 10/2 akan diganti atau tidak?

Reformasi Hoki

Anonymous said...

Kemungkinan ini bukan untuk perbincangan kemajuan hoki.Tunku hendak tahu e-mail semua anonymous yang memberi balasan. Jangan bagi abang. Takut. Takuuuuuuuuuuut

epain said...

"no-holds-barred session"...

That's mean, during your previous meeting with him, the so called "exclusive interview", some, perhaps more questions and answers were not reported?....

Fowler is god said...

Make sure got padding from head to toe. Otherwise, ask Jaafar Veloo for investment tips :-p

But seriously, Tunku Majid is prone to over reacting at times but I believe he knows you well. He will be willing to listen and learn.

Don't be such a smart arse when you meet him .. ie your normal self.

Let him know you are not - to use your favourite word - prejudiced against anybody and only fighting for the truth.

Fowler is God

Anonymous said...

Abang Rizal,

I am not sure this is a good idea! If the audience is for the good of hockey than you should, otherwise it may not be fruitful. He is being used by the people around him and may react negatively. You may have to shutdown the blog…he…he (just a joke).

Please be prepared Abang, we are not young anymore! Age does not seem to carry any weight with the new generation.

Use all protection, make sure you put on your groin guard and hire Gurmit as your BODYGUARD. If possible bring with you also a physiotherapist to immediately attend to your ‘sports injuries’ which the national coaches seems to be well worst with. Plan your audience by using the national coach PHILOSOPHY and have teh tarik with the place guard the day before in case you need a fast get away.

Also make sure when you get into trouble use the VIDEO UMPIRE (3rd FIH UMPIRE).

worried for you Abang.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you. Hope it doesn't happen like J.Vello and Master Doughlas Gomes.
Brave man dies once but cowards many times.You are the correct man to improve sports in the country.
Actually Tunku Majid as I know him his soft and easy to get along but his advisors like Sarjit,Gurmit,Satish and One eye bandit are the ones shaking him up with negative ideas.
Keep it up brother.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion,like the Indian Hockey Association is going to be taken over by Indian Olympic Council(today's NST) in the case of MHF not our Malysian Olympic Council (2x5) but by the bloggers headed by you brother or Citizeen.I will sure to give a big hand voluntarily if this happens because I am Tunku is not going to take out 10/2 and reform other things.
Please give this suggestion.

Anonymous said...


It is very magnamous for HRH to meet you regarding hearsay. This shows that HRH is a person of high calibre and intelligence it will borne well for the rahyat as he wants to get to the bottom of things personnally and not believe his so call'bouncers'.

We pray that if all the stories are wrong, then we should plead for HRH to give Sarjit RM21k and Gurmit RM15K.

But, if the allegations were proven,then nature must takes it course and those named in your highly esteemed blog must do the most gracious exit. By doing so, our country reputation will slowly be repaired.

We have great hope that HRH with all his fairness and greatness will do what is right to put an end to this dark chapter of Malaysian Hockey regardless of alfiliaton.


fowler is god said...

are you safe and sound?

how did the meeting go :-p

Anonymous said...

what has happened. Looks like slow already..may be learned lesson from deafening reporters or asked to slow. I don't think anything happened during the council meeting. All the affiliates are sleeping or don't want to sibuk..then cannot get to go overseas. Then why should we be busy body.
My proposal is make a forum for hockey lovers especially former hockey players. Then give feed back to MHF via letters. Be transparent. May be there will be wake up call.
Anyway news is circulating that a Royalty is keen in hockey. A few affiliates is meeting him to convince and show support. He is said to be able to bring in cash with no problem. He has proven himself in the previous association which he was holding high position.
Hopefully he can bring changes.

Anonymous said...

Change should begin form top to bottom or bottom to top or die trying. I was amongst a few who tried to bring professionalism to the sport and yet paid the price of hoping to change.

Its a system, and it takes a powerful wave to change it in both directions.

Having a new guy with money does not resolve the legacy and decay that has crept in.

How long will the money flow? What are the Senior Officials doing to bring in funds?

How much has a VP contributed to the organization? Funds? Policy changes? Strengthen the structure?

Has any one heard bout the lopsided agreement for broadcasting rights where we end up paying the production cost and dun make a thing?