Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apalah Bendtner

Lucky Reds

Just centimetres from the line and Bendtner got in the way of Fabregas' goal-bound shot. So the Reds were lucky lah!

Turkish delight

So what did I tell you? Fenerbahce won! Turkish sides are always hard to makan at home. But Zico must outdo himself if they were to upset the Blues at Stamford Bridge. Perhaps Deivid can reproduce that delightful strike in London!


Mohd Fadzire said...

All champions have luck on their side,..Liverpool will win or at least go to the final of champions League...
If jumpa manyoo final, then it's a sure 6th euro title la..
The scauser are always a different team in Europe,.but i wish they will also be more consistent at home.
Benitez should get more quality English lad like Bentley, Lennon and me at least 5 or 6 players in 1st 11 must be english for us to be strong at Europe and EPL.

muhammad hakimi said...

Hajeezar wrote: 100% aggreed with my fellow scauser. Next season senor Rafa must get rid some 'useless' bunch from Argentina replacing them with names you mentioned. Can't wait to belasah manyu in Moscow or perhaps their hajat will be blocked either by Roman army or Barca.

shah said...

for all the hype about penalties in both legs, i have no qualm liverpool would still make it to the semi.

yeah a penalty should have been awarded for arsenal in the first leg.

nahh it is okay. nicolas bendtner would have saved the penalty anyway ..