Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buried, once and for all

The so-called forward base project at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre in Brickendonbury is expected to be buried once and for all. The announcement is expected to be made today. Thanks CN.


Anonymous said...

if this is true than i say Tahniah to our new sports minister! enough money had been wasted on this half baked idea from azalina. i think some people have earned enuf from the 'consultation fees'.

what's the deal with your pals in BH la?? they have exposed the misappropriation of MSN fund, but now sudah senyap...apa nie?
must bring the culprits to justice, even if they're a 'senior govt servant' la!!

Anonymous said...

Salam, saudara Rizal. Selamat menjadi warga blogosphere. Good read, I must say. Precise, to the point. Anak Jalan Riong memang sepatutnya gitu...

Wan Sab

Purple Haze said...

The center was supposedly for our athletes to prepare for major events. It got me thinking about who our world class athletes are.

One individual come to mind - Nicol David who is the world champ. Others might include Josiah Ng, some bowling women, maybe lawn bowls as well. Badminton ? Lack of consistency is not comforting though definitely competitive in the world arena.

Hockey ? naah.

Sazali ? maybe

Swimming/diving ? maybe

Martial arts ? Is it relevant?

Since you are a self proclaimed sports expert, maybe you can put up a blog article on who our world class athletes could be and it doesn't have to mean winners but rather consistent high performers in the world arena.

Anonymous said...

Salam Rizal,

So now that u have won the 1st stage, just don't stop there, expose more!
Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara (not for cronies and relatives..)

Mancity fan
Doha Qatar

ps: Is it true Najib's brother (NR architects) commissioned to do the design job for the complex? How much been paid?

dsaint said...


Well done to the NEW Minister for having the common sense NOT to waste rakyat's funds!!!

Anonymous said...

Saudara Rizal,

The misappropriation claim is true, and the word is out that the RM300 million that former NSC DG dato mazlan had accumulated over 12years is hangus. Dia main bantai aje. She directed MSN to pay for benda2 yang takde kena mengena dengan MSN. Most recently, it was leaked out that just before the GE, azalina had rm5 million transferred out from MSN to her women sports fund or something, which she has easy access to. Kan, this is your favourite area, i dont think u should stop being an investigating reporter just cos u are blogger now. Tak kan lah harapkan citizen nades aje all the time. Do lah some homework yourself. u are slacking man.

Anonymous said...


Hear that some of your friends cannot tahan under the new Malay Mail. Also hear two leaves in 3 days and more to left. Is that true brother. What hapen.

rizal hashim said...

Wan Sab,

I do watch C9 once in a while.

Tq for visiting