Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taking sides, eh?

A journalist has been accused of getting involved in the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union elections on Jan 28.

He was accused of intimidation by being within seeing distance when the votes were cast.

Read my good friend Citizen Nades' take here


Anonymous said...

Selamat berblog... go head let loose your cannon, primadona! By the way, it should have been 'Malaysian Tourism and Sports' Loose Cannon'.

Sori mon ami can't put my name here, otherwise I'll get a memo from Yushaimi Yahaya.

Anonymous said...

En Rizal,

Kenapa anda meninggalkan The Malay Mail? Surat terbuka anda macam mana?

rizal hashim said...

to anon 8.32pm,

saya fikir sudah tiba masanya saya melalui proses penjenamaan semula. Surat terbuka atau Open Letter saya kelak akan di'pos' di blog ini. Terima kasih

Anonymous said...

i didn't know that you enjoy Animal Farm. Napoleon, Snowball or Squealer - which one are you?

from: ring-member

rizal hashim said...


All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others hahahahaha

squealer is a master propagandist, snowball was driven out of the farm and i'm definitely not napoleon, ok, little napoleon maybe

tq for visiting...

Anonymous said...

Bro, cepatlah tulis open letter !
Btw saya ucapkan tahnniah kerana , didalam banyak blog yang kita ada jarang ada blog yang khusus menjurus kepada sukan.Saya harap, blog ini akan menjadi satu wadah untuk mempertingkatkan mutu dan imej sukan negara.

JN maaanyak pandai said...

Funny business.
Read Nades comments in Sun.
Exorbitant prices for equipment? Sounds familiar. What about equipment exclusively from the same supplier, at exorbitant prices, with the excuse given being that he allows credit?
For your information, the supplier is also a coach contracted by MSN..... Amacam?
Semua orang tau, tapi diorang buat taktau.

Anonymous said...

Yo bro. Salam...U left MM??? Now no fun la but what the heck! Didnt waste a sen on MM for quite a while anyway.

By all means, cannon away bro! U and Nades did the thang on Brickendenbuuuu..duh!!! Nak sebut pun susah bro. But then again, millions gone already.....

Salam bro. take care. MU to bag CL07 u reckon?


rizal hashim said...

Anon 4.49pm,

Ronaldo seems unstoppable this season. I give them the slight edge lah for UCL08.

The Brickendonbury episode began when I highlighted it in the Mole column, remember the Mole...Nades took it a step forward by digging what the mole could not and did not.

the mole did have the means to park himself in london to conduct investigation. he would rather shop for football jerseys at hamleys.

Wak Arjun said...

and oh btw bro Riz your leaving MM is all the more reason to not waste any more sen on MM. Of course they gonna miss u la but they aint got no b*lls to admit it. U just wait hahaha!

Anyways now that the lady's gone I pray that things will improve at Bukit Jalil. But football-wise even with the no 1's SIL around our football still not ok maa...How come ah? Too many side-interest I gather?

rizal hashim said...

wak arjun,

tq for visiting.

football's issues are aplenty, wak. there's no immediate solution. Deep down, I've given up on the game. But i have a role to play...discreetly hahahahahah