Monday, April 21, 2008

MHF wants to reward Sarjit

Ah, The Malay Mail always sings a different tune.

Read Ghaz Ramli's comment in today's MM."

Reward only successful cases

ARE the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) willing to fork out their own money to give coach Sarjit Singh a pay hike after his failure in the Olympic
qualifiers earlier this month?

Can MHF, who are said to be in the red with more than RM1 million in outstanding bills, find the funds to reward the former national skipper?

More importantly, why should they?

The National Sports Council (NSC) director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong confirmed MHF have requested a pay hike for Sarjit, despite the team’s failure in Japan.

“MHF did ask for an increase in pay for him,” said Zolkples.

“However, the NSC have a salary cap for coaches, although those who show results will be rewarded a p p ro p ria t e l y. ”

Sarjit, a former national skipper, has done a good job since replacing Wallace Tan on Jan 23 2007.

He coached the team to the final of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, where Malaysia lost 3-1 to Au s t ra l ia .

He then led the team to third place in the Asia Cup in Chennai, India, seven months ago.

However, Sarjit, who represented Malaysia in the 1984 and 1992 Olympics in Los Angeles and Barcelona respectively, failed when it mattered most in the Olympic qualifiers in Kakamigaha- ra, Japan.

While no one expected Malaysia to earn the final berth to the Beijing Games, the target was to meet world No 1 Germany in the fi na l .

The team failed to achieve that as they could only draw 3-3 with hosts Japan in their final match.

However, the real damage was done when Malaysia escaped with a lucky 4-4 draw with minnows Italy, while struggling to a 2-1 victory over Poland and a 4-3 win against Switzerland.

Japan, on the other hand, hammered Poland 6-1 and thrashed Italy 5-1 and only beat Switzerland 2-1.

On Saturday, Sarjit and team manager, Sathish Kumar, travelled to Johor Baru to meet MHF deputy president Tunku Abdul Majid Idris Sultan Iskandar and secretary Hashim Mohamed Yusoff.

The postmortem, however, will only be made available on May 4 during MHF’s council meeting.

Hashim indicated there will be no major change in the team’s management and that Sarjit’s job is safe.

That is good as Sarjit needs a chance to redeem himself, but not if it comes with a pay increment.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mat Jenin says....

You can't serious! This can only happen in Bolehland where we reward mediocrity and crucify the excellent ones.
He is demanding $21,000 and his baldy asst. $15,000. Can MHF pay or not with the $1.7m debt still unsettled?
We must be the laughing stock of world hockey right now. Even the Indian coach offered to resign when his team failed in Chile but our coach is still arrogant and adamant that he will not sign his contract until his demand is met. His arrogance and confidence stem from you know who is behind himlah!

It'll be interesting to see what NSC has to say. Time to put the "friendship policy" to the test.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up Malay Mail Sports and Bravo to Ghaz Ramli for his piece of comment which revealed some truth...

"MHF did ask for an increase in pay for him,” said Zolkples"

MHF being an established sports association in the country(not mentioning the debt part) tak malu ka wan give pay rise to some one who did not perform to expectation.
Be realistic for god sake MHF, if only u were to approve a pay rise...tengok orang dulu la, jangan membuta tuli...
just because the coach led the team to the final of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup last year don't la do like tiz..
If he excels in this year Sultan Azlan Shah then maybe we can give him a token....or else..
Dear MHF and NSC,
The whole nation knows the Olympic outing in Japan was a disaster so plz be relevent in meeting demands.....
Returning home with a shocking 4-4 draw against Italy..if only Malaysia had not scored in the last minute, I belive some heads would have rolled.....don't u guys...

MHF plz reconsider ur decision not to impose quota on foreign and national players...
It will only make the league exciting for the top guns while the smaller clubs will end on the thrashing side...
Teams with steady financial support will have the cash to bank in on all the best players available in the country and they would have several import players to take on the field...
Local talents miss the opportunity to parade their skilla and slowly go unnoticed...
MHF for the betterment of our country hockey do consider this....

Freeze the pay rise, concentrate on producing better results...

Anyone knows where is Paul Lissek rotting now?

Anonymous said...

Paul was a well respected coach until he came to Malaysia after Sydney Olympics. His coaching ability went downhill along with his credibility when greed got the better of him, getting involved and investing in 10/2 business. NSC being a charitable organisation kept him on and put him in charge of development after Athens Qualifier and 4 years on, we struggle now to put up a decent junior team for next year's Junior World Cup. Is there any accountability at all?
He is now working very hard to get back his investment before leaving the country for good.
Good luck in your quest Paul!

Paul Lissek's fan

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what is 10/2 business?

Anonymous said...
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JIYA said...

Man this is actually a really good opportunity for people to voice out their opinion on how they feel about the politics in malaysian sports and esp in particular, MALAYSIAN HOCKEY!

in my opinion, THE BEST THINGS YET THAT HAS HAPPEN TO THE TEAM IS JIWA MOHAN AND THE WORST THINGS EVER THT MALAYSIAN HISTORY HAS ENCOUNTERED IS SARJIT SINGH AND GARMIT SINGH "GURMEET SINGH". no qualifications to be a coach and also not at all any sense not to mix business with the 10/2 with professional hockey! malaysia should just stop playing hockey all together to avoid further embarrassments!!!

priorities need to be set right and also actions has to be taken as this is not a way to be a national hockey team of a developing country!!! talk about development in the sense of research for betterment of the team and being successful in their league has not even been thought about! how is that possible if you wanna be champions!!!

spend so much of money on un important things and neglect the things tht are actually essential!! is tht becoming of world class champions??? kampung champions oso have better strategies and game plans!!!

something better be done urgently, or else there is no point of even vowing tht malaysia is gonna go anywhr in hockey!!!!