Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Azalina, Malaysian Today and I, episode 1

As part 1 of a series of entries on this topic, I shall recall the moments when the bosses knew they had a hot potato on their laps when I broke the story of the Sports Ministry's RM500,000 monthly funding for sports weekly Malaysian Today in early 2005.

But the story was buried deep inside in the Sunday Mail edition dated Feb 6, 2005, with additional information to my original copy which I knew was fed by someone else. What made me upset was the fact that the facts added to my story could easily be refuted! By me, of course!

Let the record show that I was the first journalist in this beloved country of ours to question a number of Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said's policies during her tenure as the Sports Minister!

In typical fashion, Azalina's men began to sell the story that I had a personal agenda to pursue. Also at the height of this controversy, someone passed a remark to someone that the Malay Mail had been reduced to practising gutter journalism.

Selamat Hari Pekerja. Ooppss this is just the introduction, preface or foreword lah. Episode 1 coming soon. If I don't get threatening comments, SMSs or phone calls, that is.


Anonymous said...

no worries bro... what go around comes around. azalina should think deep before dried up nsc coffer. thats public money. i paid full to lhdn and at the end she use the allocation suppose to go to athlete and coach as her personal piggy bank.

Anonymous said...

bro please lah write more too short lah .. tak sabar nak baca part two.

Anonymous said...

bro, tulis cepat bro ...

epain said...


sekali mcm cerita "from paris with love" laaa...

ziyyad said...

bro, part 2 plz...

Anonymous said...

Brother these are some facts you should dig up. 2006 and 2007 DG of NSC is trying to cover her up( not Dato' Zul).Bangaki Gajah tidak boleh tutup dengan daun pisang. Bongkarkan penyelewangan Mentri sahaja.At least public will come to know beacuse they know she will be free for ever. ACA will not do anything brother. Here are some hidden facts:
1. Entertainment 2 million.
2. Women's sports 4 million
3. KBS to NSC RM 50 million( MIA)
4. Computer Company of her cronies 4 million for doing KPI of NSC and ISN
5. Event Management and marketing ,done by her niece company ( share holder Secretary BAM) Tak tahu berapa million
6. Beli alatan untuk program pembangunan MSN dan ISN. Company adik dia. Tak tahu berapa million .
7. Pergi ke Mt.Everest hantar bendera? Tak tahu berepa K.
8 Pergi ke Korat -Private Jet. tak tahu berepa K atau juta.
9. Makan dinner sahaja 7 K.
10 , Ingat tak tahun 2005 keluar dalam NST, Budget diluluskan untuk sukan RM 300 million. Berepa hilang tak tahu.
Tak tahu, tak tahu. Apa nak jadi manusia dalam dunia ini. Sudah lupa neraka ,syurga dan Akhirat.Bayangan dengan adanya agama boleh buat begini kalau tidak ada agama macam mana.Insaf sedikit ada banyak lagi perlu bantuan kita.
I better stop.
Ahli falsafah.

KakiBola said...

i salute you for this. its time that people know what these so called sports leaders are doing behind our back. the tax payers money are just like bapa diaorang punya money. spent like nobody's business. they think that rakyat are all stupid, can't smell the stink that they had left...

Ex NST said...

Reading between the lines. Could this be the real reason you were forced to leave the Malay Mail.
Rumuor has it the new big boss of Malay Mail used to be big boss of Malaysian Today?

Anonymous said...

The new big boss of MM is in fact still the consulting editor for Malaysian Today.

Anonymous said...

please expose the truth! This rubbish MT has cost MSN millions of RM. Money that can be use to develop athletes n staff. It's filled with entertainment news, just another gossip mag. Azalina should be brought to justice!

Anonymous said...

Just an advice to motivate and keep going with your good work.
"Every good thought that we send to the world,without thinking of any return,will be stored up there and break one link in the chain,and make us purer and purer,until we become the purest of mortals."
We know the sports minister worked for applauce not work for a cause but comparing with you, you are as great as the dreams you dream, the love you bear, the values you fulfil,the happiness you share, the thoughts you think,the worth you have attained, the fountains at which your spirit drinks, the insight you have gained,the truth you speak,the help you give, the destiny you seek, the life you live.
Brother for us you are like the character like salt,its presence is not felt, but its absence makes things useless.People whom doing the dirty work for the minster by threatning you are not big enough to admit mistakes,smart enough to profit by them,and strong enough to correct them.Brother death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Everthing can be sacrificed for truth, but truth cannot be sacrificed for anything.
"To do at each moment the best we can and leave the result to the Divine's decision, is the surest way to peace, happiness,strength,progress and final perfection" - Mother
Keep it up brother

Anonymous said...


Itu lah sebabnya kita tengok yang mana atlit kita tak maju dan juga kebajikan mereka tak di jaga.

Mereka belanjakan duit ikut sesuka hati mereka tapi kebajikan dan pendekatan kebajikan juga tak di jaga

Atlit sepenuh masa dapat elaun terlampau berkira sehingga banyak yang tak nak tujuk keupayaan mereka sehingga ke tahap maksima

Ini lah yang di tugguka , bila episode 2

Humble Journo said...

My dear Rizal,

One of the hallmarks of a good journalist is humility. We market the story, not ourselves. It doesn't matter if you were the first journalist to criticise azalina, putting that on record means nothing my friend. Azalina is not exactly the hardest to hit, or a great figure for you take credit in. But if you had criticised the PM and his cronies for wasting tax payers money on the RM300 Monsoon Cup, then if you want you can proudly say you were the first and only journalist to criticise the PM for it. So bro, let's get things into prespective, will you. Good Day!

Anonymous said...

KP MSN melawat Beijing...balik berlagak kat staf ...apa pasal tak cakap. Mr KP MSN you don't have to go what..

ZACH said...

Malaysia Today is really a waste of public fund and in the first place revived to save someone's publishing company. Malaysia Today is just another lifestyle magazine disguised as a sports magazine. Looking at it today, nobody will say it is a sports magazine. Its really a teenagers magazine given for FREE and even the youth are not interested in the paper. Sheer waste of money. That 500,000 can help develop and build up a kampung football team into pools of future Malaysian footballers for e.g. So how many thousands more athletes can be developed with all the monies with that unwise expenditure of publishing a fit for recycle outlets.

I knew you exposed this matter at the time when in fact nobody agree to the publishing of the tabloid esp in NSC itself.

Its better for me to read Malaysia Today by RPK rather than Malaysian Today.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Today was a great read ... when it was based in Sarawak.

Now ... kaput, zero, lousy, useless, koyak, boring, waste of money dan lain lain lagi ...

Anonymous said...

Aloha everyone! Does anyone know where I can read more resources about this?