Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Between the Devils and the Deep Blue of Chelsea, I choose neither

I think Rafa Benitez and his boys will get the chance to take on Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League final in Moscow next month.

Manchester United's may have enjoyed an irresistable form in the much-hyped English Premiership but Barcelona's attacking options are almost limitless. I might be wrong but it's going to be Liverpool versus Barcelona, and for Thierry Henry to finally lift the Ol' Big Ears!

Anyway Chelsea were lucky to escape with a draw after that own goal by John Arne Riise at Anfield early this morning. Perhaps the Norwegian will redeem himself with a trademark left-footed thunderbolt at Stamford Bridge in the second leg.


Allan said...

Dear Rizal,
I am happy to see an established sports journalist like yourself reaching further into the blogging world. My only grouse is that you seem to cover a lot of football and hockey. No dirt on other sports? Malaysian sports are run so unprofessionally that there is bound to be dirt everywhere.


rizal hashim said...

Allan, thanks for visiting this humble blog of mine.

Just to let you know, I'm known as a shit-stirrer during my days at the Malay Mail.

Yes, I would love to touch on issues other than football, hockey, badminton or sports administration in the country.

Give me time.


rizal hashim said...

allan, why is it that i cannot link your blog site to mine?

Allan said...

I have no idea on that. Tell you the truth, I am no expert in this, hahaha. I just blog and that is it. Anyone there can help us?

Anonymous said...

Mcm mana kau boleh predict Liverpool vs Barca.
It's Reds vs Reds Devil.

Matapena said...


I somewhat concur. Liverpool has hardly ever lost a semifinal of a European Cup (only once and it was a bloody Italian fluke) and Man Utd has been known to choke.

Wait a minute, they did kan this morning!

OK lah, personally a Liverpool vs Man Utd is better and bigger but I'd go for anything as long we're there. You know what I mean.:)

PS: lets hope that a rich Russian buys PSG and turns it into a world beater too. Just dont get Americans eh.

Anonymous said...

Some sad news ... Liverpool leftback was today arrested while driving on the M62 ... apparently he was HEADING THE WRONG WAY ...

Don't worry, Reds will Riise to the occasion in the second leg.

Fowler is God