Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sathia and Chin Aun sacked...

National coach B. Sathianathan and assistant team manager Datuk Soh Chin Aun have been told to pack their bags by the FA of Malaysia. The FAM exco which met this morning decided to hand over the reins to FAM vice-president Datuk Gulzar Mohd Noor who had bankrolled both the Sarawak and Police teams in the past.

What I'm not clear with is, why was Chin Aun given the sack? I thought the team manager was YB Khairy Jamaluddin?!

As for Sathianathan, I had earlier written that he should have been given the boot after the AFF Suzuki Cup failure. The KPI for Sathianathan and YB Khairy was for the team to reach the semifinals. This was not met.

But Chin Aun who played in the 1972 Munich Olympics, was the one who boarded the Charlie to Phuket. The Towkay was also left to defend Sathianathan in the meeting shortly after the debacle! And come to think of it, Chin Aun is one of many ex-internationals scheduled to meet Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob at Bukit Jalil on Monday!

When I asked Chin Aun recently on his exact role, "Haiya, saya assistant team manager lah!"

Apparently YB Khairy was relieved of his managerial duties last year and Chin Aun named as his replacement but there was no official announcement from FAM.

Oh another thing, what can Gulzar do?

Sathianathan's replacement will be named later. The vacancy of what is arguably the hottest seat in Malaysian sports will be advertised but in all likelihood one man will be put in charge of both the national team and the SEA Games squad. So it could pave the way for K. Rajagopal to assume the seat he once occupied, albeit briefly in 2004 shortly after Karl Weigang was appointed as the technical director.

I believe Sathianathan was axed not so much for the 5-0 defeat to UAE but due to his "M-League is not football" outburst during the post-match conference.

My friends in the mainstream Press here and here will be disappointed with FAM's latest decision, no doubt!


Anonymous said...

KJ needs something to do after March.
Maybe next month he will have time to help FAM :-D

Fowler is God

Batu_Api said...

Sah. cakap-cakap di kedai kopi yang mengatakan Datul Gulzar akan disingkirkan dari kerusi Naib Presiden FAM akan menjadi kenyataan. Walaupun cakap-cakap menyatakan akan berlaku hari ini, tetapi ianya mungkin selewat-lewatnya tahun depan.

Dengan pelantikan beliau sebagai team manager, maka senanglah pihak-pihak tertentu untuk melobi supaya beliau disingkirkan apabila team Malaysia kalah kelak. Satu alasan mudah untuk menyingkirkan Datul Gulzar.

FAM tak habis-habis bermain politik. Orang yang betul-betul berminat untuk memajukan bolasepak 'dibunuh' manakala mereka yang mempunyai agenda dan menyepak bola pun tak reti, diambil.

Meluat betul....

Anonymous said...

so what's the drastic changes being promised? Sathia and Towkay being sacked? That was expected.

Who lost the plot here?

anak buah jack

Anonymous said...

Dlm Metro Ahad kwn baik Sdr Rizal, Lockman telah mengintebiu Shebby Singh yang menamakan 'dream team' beliau. Hebat sungguh Shebby & Lockman, kedua-duanya cukup hebat!So sapa brader Rizal punya 1st seven eleven & sapa head coachnye??

Anonymous said...

No surprises la!!! Cakap berapi2 'Heads will roll' pi la FAM cakap tak serupa bikin. Question now who to replace Sathia?? Rajagopal?? Aminuddin Hussin? Lim Kim Choon?? Ni semua dah lama kat FAM perhaps time to moves on mates. Gud luck to Kpt Gulzar. Later on kalau team dah teruk jangan abandon ship pulak..

Riznal aka Borakbola said...

The buck should end and start from the top. Everywhere else in the world the leader assume full responsibility...after more than 20 years if you have failed, nak signs apa lagi?

Resign with dignity lah...concentrate on something your state is good at..such as polo ke...

Asia Cup in Kuala Lumpur satu game pun tak boleh tunjuk muka.

Anonymous said...

kapt gudza salah seorang yang bakal kena tendang selepas ini.

kenapa dato ridzuan tak ambil the post