Friday, February 13, 2009

YB KJ was the team manager!

Read S.S Dhaliwal's posting here.


Anonymous said...

YB KJ is a responsible person atleast he defended Chin Ann who has served the nation for the past almost 40 years. I feel sorry for Chin Ann.
Fung Kee

KakiBola said...

Mr Fung Kee,
Sad to say that you believed in what was mentioned by YBKJ in the Malay Mail. It was merely a statement normally made by politicians. Why was he absent from the meeting? Anybody can simply voiced out their opinion via press. Should he was there in the meeting, do you think that he would voiced out the same thing? Cut my finger..he won't. Politicians are good in their words.

rizal hashim said...

Mr Lim Fung Kee,
Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to hear from you soon. Perhaps I will post one day our picture in Macau. Now let me see, where did i put it...

Anonymous said...

if he is a responsible person, he'll resign without prompting.
Why didn't he?

Soh Chin Aun was made a scapegoat.

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Hakim Amir said...

Soh Chin Aun remains my all-time favourite Malaysian footballer.. A true legend that is deserving more than the kind of appaling treatment dished out by the so-called FAM recently..

Long live Soh Chin Aun, jersey number 3, Malaysia's libero uno!

coretan_khalayak said...

Khairy Jembalang

siapa berani usik Jembalang nan satu ini?

Lepas Pak Lah turun pangkat pun - kalau turun , belum tentu KJ ada yg berani usik , nak harapkan wartawan ? - macam menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba la..

Anonymous said...

rizal, kawan u bodek KJ punya heading
true credit to protege u yang dapat story, bukan pembodek si ss, semua orang tau dia nak balik ke fam.
kj cakap je, mengapa dia tak undur diri dari fam?
buat masa je baca

bukan pembodek terbesar

Cupid Cina said...

SS Dhaliwal's blog linked on your blog is indeed fasinating. Both of you are often in disagreement but you still loooooooove of him. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mr Dhaliwal!!