Monday, February 2, 2009

Tobacco and telco money up in smokes

The New Straits Times had an interesting article on the amount of money disbursed to FA of Malaysia's affiliates over a period of 20 years here.


Red Devil Kola Perlis said...

Those company should allow to sponsor again because its the only way to help the dying state team. The past is a gone case. Those who misuse it, let them answer to god (if they have one). During the Dunhill time, it was not like now. Maybe the tobacco brand more inspire the player rather than TM (may be it remind them of unsettled phone bill resulting from delays in salary payment by the team

KakiBola said...

rational behind the ban of cigarette companies from sponsoring fam was simple - its good money that fam is earning from dunhill. instead of pumping the money to football, its better for them to pay tax to the government and get the government to spend on others....haha

Purple Haze said...

In the pre-Dunhill days, the FAM relied on income generated from rental of the FAM building on Jalan Birch (now Jln Maharajalela) and sponsorship from the Merdeka Tournament. And yet, they did not seek govt handouts nor did the States suffer.

Presumably, football and football administration has become more "professional" but it would appear the better results, on field performance, youth development and financial viability was better met in the "amateur" days.

Perhaps there is no "heart" in the professional environment.

rizal hashim said...

Purple haze, well said.

Yes, Red Devil Kola Perlis, maybe we should make tobacco and cigarette companies the exception!