Monday, February 2, 2009

The Sultan wanted to retain Sathia

A little bird told me FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah wanted B. Sathianathan to see out his contract but several exco members were insistent the former Negri Sembilan midfielder's days were numbered! Read the Star's report here especially the final paragraph. When asked why was the “towkay” of Malaysian football made the fall guy, Redzuan replied: “The majority wanted new blood.” LOOSE CANNON SAYS new blood my foot!


nstman said...

New blood? My fucking foot. The whole FAM exco should be sent to either Kamunting or Tanjong Rambutan for crimes against football.

wak arjun said...

FAM is one kelakar outfit. Tried very very hard all these years to hoodwink the masses. But the jokes are on them at the moment but being stupid, they have yet to realise this.

This Redzuan fella must've missed the plot completely. When we the FANS cried for blood, we meant his blood and the rest of his team in FAM. Top down. No exception. YB or not, you gotta go dude. That's what we call DRASTIC.

After all the "drastic" hypes what we got was two lil' fellas getting the sack and life moves on at Kelana Jaya. Duh!!!
1. How about the YB who neglected his duties as Manager to the team? Political survival is more important YB?
2. How about the Boss who's responsible for the whole org?
3. How come these two are spared? "Drastic" would mean both of them would be part of the sack but what happen la?

Drastic would mean the fans need to stay away from games. Seek other healthier activities.

Drastic would mean the stadiums need to be emptied. Games are viewed by the seats only.

FAM need to be taught a lesson. However bitter it would be for the future.

"Let's Stay Away from the Stadia"

Anonymous said...

Salam Rizal,

Ampun Tuanku. Inilah susahnya apabila seorang Sultan jadi presiden persatuan sukan seperti FAM.

Semua orang jadi serba salah. Tidak tegur salah, kalau tegur salah.

Apabila ditegur nanti dikatakan derhaka, biadap dan apa-apa tah lagi.

Sampai bila agaknya ini berterusan. Sampai kucing bertanduk?

Maka kempunanlah kita menjuarai Piala Dunia yang bukan sesuatu yang mustahil.

Kalau tidak ada Sultan Ahmad Shah, FAM lebih merana?

Tengku Mudin

Anonymous said...

please sack that useless 'team manager' aka KJ!