Friday, February 20, 2009


Sebagai penasihat undang-undang kehormat buat Persekutuan Badminton Dunia (BWF), Datuk Andrew Kam yang juga pengasas KLRC (gambar ihsan, mengintai peluang mengepalai badan induk itu.

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XBambee said...

hallo brudder, wondering what is this guy named andrew want to do or just being a stupid puppet of punch gunalan.
maybe he have so much money to spent or just being a fool to let someone like punch to manipulate him.
BTW, dont u think andrew kam shud solve the problem in KLRC where their coaches and players did not receive their salary.
I pity u, andrew for being a horse to someone like punch. and for punch, well done....

XKLRC said...

pls look at a bigger picture, andrew kam is a tool for punch to get back in BWF. Wondering why certain newspaper saying that punch resigned. He was sacked after the vote of no confidence during the AGM in jakarta last may. Maybe those reporters dont do their homework or someone with interest. No wonder sports in malaysia can develop. What a sad story. How do u see it brudder rizal?