Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fresh initiatives from MSL

MSL Sdn Bhd CEO, Stuart Ramalingam, was one of the guests for this week's Kafe Sukan. A marketing consultant with FIFA, Stuart brings with him tons of real life experience, having managed a futsal centre, running and marketing events as well as having had the opportunity to market and promote the Myanmar league. Contrary to my earlier posting, the Petaling Jaya chap is the CEO, not the COO of MSL.

Under the guidance of Tan Sri Annuar Musa as chairman of MSL, Stuart has engaged FAM's affiliates directly by conducting briefing sessions with officials as he did last week. The blackout aside, I'm certain a few State FAs officials were enlightened.

The briefing

The blackout...an act of sabotage? hehe

Stuart is answerable to the MSL board comprising Annuar and two FAM vice-presidents, Datuk Seri Abdullah Hishan Hashim and Datuk Afendi Hamzah.

In the pipeline, among other things, are:

* direct links with fan clubs to make sure the presence of a minimum number of spectators
* direct links with State FAs and other affiliates on marketing strategies and sourcing for funds

With Astro's massive investment, there is no other way except up for Malaysian football.


Lagenda Buaya said...

penjenamaan yang baik...usaha yang memang ak sokong 100%

Anonymous said...

kalau bola kita nak maju, carilah pakar yang boleh bawa kemajuan pada bola. bukannya mereka yang nak cari makan dan glamour.

tahniah kepada TS Anuar Musa, langkah yang bijak.