Friday, April 16, 2010

What's the story in BAM?

Updated Monday 19 April 2010, 5.0pm

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Is it true the manner a sports marketing firm was appointed as the exclusive agency to source for sponsorship on behalf of the BA of Malaysia (BAM) is central to the quagmire the national association is in?

Several questions need to be addressed, among them:

Who appointed the company to act as the exclusive sponsorship consultant for BAM? The BAM president, the BAM exco or certain individuals?

Is the company appointed Enterprise Sports Group or ESG, a Singaporean company founded by former rugby skipper and law graduate, Terence Khoo?

Was the appointment made with or without the knowledge of BAM president, Datuk Nadzmi Salleh?

Is it true there remains an attempt to unseat Nadzmi through a vote of no confidence by a number of State BAs?

Was it true an individual had signed himself off in a correspondence as the BAM acting president when the position does not exist in the BAM constitution?

What is the role of Jalani Sidek, the driving force behind Nusa Mahsuri's formation in 1994 after the never-ending feud with BAM?

Is it true YAKEB chairman, Datuk Paduka Dr Mumtaz Begum Abdul Jaffar, visited BAM's office and demanded to see its accounts?

Is it true a tall and lanky ex-national volleyball player linked to the Sports Minister's office has been identified to co-ordinate BAM's road to 2012 program?

Perhaps Malay Mail's Haresh Deol and the Sun's Citizen Nades and Terence Fernandez may be able to dig deeper into this. Loose cannon will be disappointed if they don't.


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Malay Mail's Haresh Deol and the Sun's Citizen Nades and Terence Fernandez may be able to dig deeper into this. Loose cannon will be disappointed if they don't. "

Come on Rizal, after you open the can of "worms", you want others to "dig deeper" for YOU.???? Where got class???

rizal hashim said...

anonymous, u also no class, no name

1. Mainstream media widely read and are backed by the establishment.

2. haresh is known to be an issue-based writer.

3. who doesn't know the impact citizen nades and terence have on the society as opposed to this small blog of mine.

if you have class, leave your name.

Hakim Amir said...

To quote Tan Sri SM Salim's iconic song .... "Apa Nak Jadi... Apa Nak Jadi" .....

ish ish ish ... politics in Malaysian sports ....

Have a great weekend Rizal ...

Mister G said...

Well Bro Rizal, you are now a TV star and your blog is featured on Astro Arena's Cafe Sukan.

Why don't you use this given platform and tell the whole nation, after you have 'dig deeper', on what's actually going on in BAM and Malaysian sports.

And then the name Rizal Hashim will be mentioned in the same breath as Citizen Nades and Brother Terence Fernandez.

Go Loose Cannon Go.

Armchair Sports Enthusiast said...

Too true; apa ni, baling batu sorok tangan, no balls nak attack org lain pulak.

On to the real issue. The true guiding light is for anyone with a genuine interest in Sports Development (the word is DEVELOPMENT), not basking in glory following other people's hard work is to work without regard for personal gain. The answer is to leave sports to sportsmen, there should not even be a Minister for Sports!!!Does the US have one? We want to be swimming kings and queens in ASEAN, where are the pools? Where are the programmes? The moment someone wins, the locusts come swarming. WAKEUP hoi..!!!

x-espn said...

You're right, Haresh, Nades and Terence have the balls to do it.
After all, Haresh was the only sportswriter to be nominated for an award at the MPI awards last night.

Anonymous said...

I was surely told about the effort to overthrow the President of BAM. Swear to God. Can't fanthom why he wants to do it if he is already a PR in Australia.

Badminton Fan said...

I heard Mr. Ganga Rao also paid by the president of World Badminton Body to do his work. For that reason, Malaysia has to host the Thomas Cup. No other country except Indonesia interested to host this competition. We have no strong reason to host it becoz our players not capable to win the cup. So mr. ganga rao is doing double job ie. for President of world body and for BAM.

Anonymous said...

Ganga, why dont you just go back to Australia and let people who are interested run the sports. Someone should just report to ACA about all the wrong doings. People like him and others too who take sports association for a ride for their own benefit should be where they belong..behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Go Rizal..go. Expose all the wrong doings. Show these culprits that there are still people who love sports

Musang Nakal said...

Saudara Rizal,

Saya berminat untuk menganjurkan perlawanan persahabatan antara kakitangan syarikat saya dengan SAM (Persatuan Penulis2 sukan), boleh tak saudara Rizal memberi idea?

rizal hashim said...

musang nakal, boleh. details boleh dibincangkan.