Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dropping names...

Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM) president Ahmad Khawari Isa has an interesting piece in his blog, reproduced below:

This is something that's been happening for quite some times, but got worse lately.

I dont know what will happen by this posting, but my conscience will not be clear if I didnt do anything about it.

This, too, might lead to me being in the 'hot soup'. But then again, I dont have anything to gain, neither do I have any personal agenda to achieve, by blogging about it.

I am just an observer of Malaysian sports, who dont like what's happening now.

This is about one person who either wields 'genuine' power, or likes to give such an impression to many sports officials in the country.

This person likes to drop names - 'VIP' names - whenever this person sees fit. Top people in the country like Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah and Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek - is fair game to this person.

What does this person do?

From what I gathered, this person has recently enquired about the financial standing of two sports bodies. And also try to meddle into one controversy which hogged the limelight, recently.

The very latest? This person called up one sports association - which will play host to one major tournament early next month - to enquire on why one particular sponsor is not being given 'prominence'.

I must ask, what is the motive of this person? Is this person, in any way, has link to the sponsor? Does this person know what kind of agreement that already in place? Why must this person try to throw the weight around? Trying to create fear into 'small people' in the association?

And yes, the VIP names were thrown into the mix, again!

My question - Does this VIPs. important people like our PM and his wife, really will give up their valuable time just to meddle in such affairs? I dont think so. And I truly believe they also will not like their names being tossed around like that!

Our PM motto is 'people first, performance now.' I am a believer of that, too.

But from what is happening now, maybe this person's motto is 'Personal agenda first, use the VIP names now!'.

I do hope this person will be checked and put into the right place.
Posted by Ahmad Khawari Isa at 8:38 AM

rizal hashim said...
Are you referring to a former national sprinter, Khawari? Say yes or no...

April JALAN REBUNG said...
salam bro,

dah tak larat la nak komen pasal mende ni , dah memang lumrah la kot bila ada orang yang buat keje betul-betul dan ada orang yang nak ambil kesempatan untuk gain personal achievement ...

mungkin sebab dalam senario sekarang sukan dah boleh dianggap satu benda yang boleh mendatangkan keuntungan berbeza dengan zaman dulu bila sukan lebih kepada semangat untuk mewakili negara bukan duit ...

susah kita nak buang benda-benda macam ni ...selagi sukan dianggap lubuk nak buat duit selagi itu la akan ada 'hantu-hantu' yang macam ni ...

untuk kita yang jujur dalam support sukan kat negara ni ..teruskan ..jangan terpengaruh dengan masalah-masalah macam ni ..

April 27, 2010 11:18 AM
Anonymous said...
Dear En. Khawari,

This problem doesnt just rest on those who are out of sports body but are those who are within sports bodies themselves...who are elected into National bodies and are trying to muscle more out from the states and asking for a bigger pie from states failing which these ppl will get back at them in ways that can hurt their coffers or get such VVIPs to back them.

Well it's not something new...if these ppl are so used in getting their ways without any reprimand from those whose names are being used or thrown around!

April 27, 2010 1:11 PM

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Anonymous said...

'Dropping' names is such a mild word. Its more like 'Throwing' names ( with a capital 'T'). We all know why malaysian sports is in the doldrums and we will remain there until all these nonsense stops. Whether Ex sprinters, sportsmen etc should just remain that..ex. Whilst we all appreciate the contributions of these former sportsmen to the country, it does not give them the right or privilege to throw their weight around as though ALL sports association belong to them. Office bearers should NOT allow such nonsense to occur and they are also to be blamed if they are allow these former sportsmen to intimidate them.
As to VVIPs whose name are being used to be thrown around, they should make a stand and make a public statement that they (VVIPs)
will not tolerate such actions. The problem is that these few rotten apples is trying to run all the sports organisations in the country. Its time to get rid of these rotten apples before its too late

Anonymous said...

sdr rizal

you know its the former national woman sprinter...she likes to drop VIP names especially the country's lady. She even carry a calling card that says Advisor to Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor.
My question is why the First Lady allow this scrooge to hang around her.

nstman said...

Dropping names is a culture in Malaysia. So accept it and move on, otherwise you might drop dead.


salam bro,

it's all about for the love of sports or for the love of something else but using sports ....