Friday, April 9, 2010

Nike v adidas

Loose cannon is an adidas man and has had the good fortune of browsing for stuff at the adidas boutique in Paris and Berlin. So adidas' yearly sample sale in Damansara is a highly-anticipated event. In the course of covering sports functions, loose cannon got acquainted with Udo Eimer, Andreas Gellner and Darren Choy, the three adidas malaysia managing directors.

Darren is now the chief marketing officer of Lotus 1Malaysia Racing Team. And funny enough, he has joined forces with a former Nike Malaysia man.

Lotus Racing CEO, Riad Asmat, was once attached to Nike Malaysia. Among other things, Riad's job was to promote numerous football development projects Nike had with the relevant authorities to the media establishments, surely a good and humbling training ground for the son of a former secretary general of a Ministry.

When we met recently, Riad spoke about working with someone like Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, Lotus' mid-term and long-term targets, the intangible benefits for Malaysia, the eight Malaysian engineers under him at Hingham, one Indonesian computational fluid dynamics engineer and the Cosworth T127. An enlightening interview, loose cannon must say.

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