Wednesday, April 21, 2010

66 days to go...

...before the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2010, themed Run As One, is flagged off. For marathoners and running enthusiasts, June 27 is a rendezvous with destiny. OK, OK, so the 2009 edition was marked by controversies but there is no other way but up, I guess. For details, click

I've never run a most intense and lactic acid-induced race took place perhaps during my primary schooldays...perhaps one day I might pluck up the courage to participate, provided I lose the flab...

Anyway, the marathon appeals to a lot of people. So far 10,000 have registered for the event, among them runfool, deo-runner, zuraidizainol and the team called derkeenrunner as well as UK-based Jacqueline Kueh



Salam bro,

Harap satu hari nanti boleh sama level cam Boston Marathon ...pastu masa tu hang pun (sekali la ngan aku) dah boleh join sama.

RIZAL (tengah usaha nak buang the extra baggage ..hehehehe)

org br MSN tgk 4 said...

Aku pun join lari bro!

Erm bro, boleh suruh kawan baik bro brother Zol utk diam tak. Kenyataan2-nye tu memalukan MSN lah..not cool la bro.

Letak Shapawi jer la bro.

Anonymous said...

Since when Loose Cannon so interested in Marathon??.. :o

Haz said...

Took part in the inagural Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon in 2002(tho ran only for 10Km, not the full one)

Running kits were collected the day before the race from the Pan Pacific Hotel and it was a breeze. Was also introduced to this 'chip' that I had to put on my shoe lace to determine the time of completion of the run.

Stayed at a relative's place and what I find amazing was that they have buses available from the neighbourhoods' pick up points. It was easy to get to the pick up points and at no cost, to take the runners to the starting point.

Toilets are aplenty and heavily used before the race.

Individual pictures were taken, posted on the website so that runners can have a 'souvenior' of their run, sent after payment was made and had the event name on the picture.

A certificate came later in the mail, stating the name, the time ran and the position of the runner against all the other runners in the same category..

Ejoyed it very much but never been back to run tho have been going to Singapre every year...

It was so well organised and I was a novice runner and it was my first run overseas. It turned out to be such a pleasant experience.