Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nadzmi v Ganga

Backpage of the Malay Mail July 14, 1997, with loose cannon quoting Morten Frost Hansen, then the chief coach

Ganga Rao offered loose cannon a job at BWF in 2007

Nadzmi's actuarial science background and management skills did not prepare him for the politics and dynamics of BAM

In 1998, I decided to give up on badminton. Too much politics. It was a big task coming up with fair reporting. If I wrote A for Camp A, Camp B would complain. And vice-versa. I was not in the business of pleasing people. Solution - withdraw from the beat. Tony Yee then took over the reporting beat.

Then in 2007, P. Ganga Rao offered me a job at the Badminton World Federation (BWF). He was then the general manager. Having offended a lot of people, including the top NSTP management who felt the Mole column was out of line and that loose cannon should not hide behind a pseudonym, it was perhaps the right time to leave. But I sought the advice of a lot of people who were against the idea of my joining Ganga. Months later Ganga was caught in a web of intrigue and was eventually removed as the BWF GM.

Now Ganga is again in the news, for the wrong reasons. He has been removed as the BAM secretary.

NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong was quoted as saying the timing was questionable for the Thomas Cup is just around the corner but to me, a system is already in place and it's a matter of putting the finishing touches and getting things organised. Since Ganga is not a technical man, his sacking would not have an adverse effect on the team, who after all, are not expected to win the Thomas Cup.

My question is a matter of procedure. Even if Nadzmi is empowered to remove any official in the set-up, was Ganga given the right to be heard? Technically Ganga may be tempted to seek legal redress.

But then again, would Ganga resort to such action and risk washing dirty linen in public?

To Ganga, all the best. You can now focus on organising a successful Malaysian Open tennis ATP Tour in September with Datuk Seri Paduka Dr Mumtaz Begum Abdul Jaffar, chairman of YAKEB.

Mumtaz, the nation's former 100m runner, is a confidante of Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, who is also BAM and YAKEB patron.

Oh, this time Ganga, I don't think you can seek Proton's sponsorship for Nadzmi is the chairman of the national carmaker. Unless, well, you speak to Mumtaz so that she can speak to Rosmah.

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Anonymous said...

Let tell u one thing rizal.. I want to face the u face wit the real people who really into sport.. If the bloggers n the reporter bashing up this athletes I bet u one day the malaysian athlete won't b great as those time.. They will flop til drop 4ever n ever.. Dun critic them support them as they need our support not to bash them brother.. We need good pontential proffesional athlete so they dun suffer when the end up as normal people.. Atleast we got YAKEB rather then Stupid MSN they dun care about athele at all.. I tell u now.. Asian Games we won 9 gold medal.. That's not an kpi coz the one who win the gold is un expected gold mayb zulkeples can talk or mumble again wat happen to MSN.. Y MSN n ISN seperated ? They shouldn't ... I'm in the sport n also national athele for almost 20 year so dun bullshit? R u an athele rizal?