Sunday, April 25, 2010

At the pleasure of the president

BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh returned from Germany on Thursday, insisting that he was forced to act...

Read the New Straits Times report here, The Star and Berita Harian.


Anonymous said...

If in accordance to BAM's constitution, Datuk Nadzmi has the prerogative of appointing and thus sacking of the secretary, so be it. The sport should move on. I believe Datuk Nadzmi being a tokoh korporat has his very good reasons for doing what he has done . We, Malaysians should support fully Datuk Nadzmi's decision. There has been alot of rumours circulating within the sports fraternity and I am sure Datuk Nadzmi has got some information that are not available to the general public and thus his prompt and decisive decision. We must applaud Datuk Nadzmi for having taken such a brave decision with The Thomas and Uber cup competition is so close.
TANIAH Datuk!!

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju dgn Mr Anonymous. Syabas Datuk Nadzmi..suatu keputusan bernas. Harap Datuk terus ambil tindakan terhadap pegawai yang hanya
pegang jawatan utk menfaat sendiri.