Monday, April 20, 2009

Rajagobal, Dollah or Azraai?


Will one of these players assume the hotseat? From Azraai Khor's personal collection
UPDATED, 5.40pm,
K. Rajagobal was confirmed as the national coach on a two year contract plus a one-year option just now in the presence of Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad, Gulzar Mohamad and Azzuddin Ahmad.
"It's a great honour to be given the chance but we have to be realistic in our ambitions," said the former Selangor attacker.
Former Malacca, Sarawak and Sabah utility player, Ong Kim Swee, who is handling the national Under-18 team, is likely to take over Rajagobal's Under-20 duties.
Original posting
The FA of Malaysia (FAM) will unveil the new national coach at 3.0pm today and it could well be K. Rajagobal instead of the hotly tipped Dollah Salleh.

Apparently Tengku Muda Pahang, boss of Shahzan Muda, had a chat with his ayahanda Sultan of Pahang yesterday justifying his decision not to release Dollah for the hotseat.

The other candidate tipped to succeed B. Sathianathan is Azraai Khor Abdullah of Kedah. Now, if Rajagobal is made the supremo of the national team that has only two official matches to look forward to, what will become of the national team manager, Datuk Gulzar Mohamad? Is he going to be relevant to the cause?

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akar said...

what is the point of having these coaches selected if FAM is still run by the old cocks who ran out of ideas and solutions to solve the country awful football performance. so if Raja, dollah or azraai is selected, what can they do, an illusion of David Copperfield or a midas touch of Gus Hiddick. we have a very weak structure of youth soccer development starting from the primarily to the secondary, college to university, club to state and state to the national body. Having said enough that FAM is run by an ineffective and ego people who are only looking for their own interest. Open your eyes and look at South Korea, USA or Japan for guidance to amend the youth development. Trust me in the next ten years we will still see the same problems facing by our national team regardless of the coach we are hiring.

Hakim Amir said...

agreed 100% with akar's POV..

anyway loose canon, that's one classic pic u have there..sorry to stray from topic ..but was that jersey yellow or white in colour? i can only recognize about 7 players there...can u provide their names in full? i can make out Supermokh, Santokh, Hanafiah Ali (correct?), Khor Sek Leng, Arumugam, Isa Bakar & Shukor Salleh.. betui tak?

cheers loose canon..have a good week

rizal hashim said...

Akar, agreed.

Hakim, harun jusoh, p umaparam, wong kow fou, wan zawawi...jersey tak tau because what i have with me is black and white, hahaha

Anonymous said...

1 K.Rajagopal...congratulations
2 Azraai Khor...future coach
3 Dollah Salleh...future coach

Awaiting the national squad call-up which will be the squad has not trained or played a match since UAE 0-5 which was about3 months ago...resting and relaxing far too long...may the new coach whip them into shape.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

Rajagopal sepatutnya dikekalkan dengan budak-budak Harimau Muda sebab dia dah lama dengan budak-budak tu.

Ong Kim swee kena ubah perangai dan jgn ajar budak-budak harimau Muda bersikap seperti anda

f rahman said...

congrats raja... all the best. one thing for sure, it will be a daunting task ahead of u. Good luck...

Anonymous said...

Hakim, JC kaler kuning la..Congrats 2 Raja BUT pls don't be so philosophical being the nat. coach. Say it from your bottom of your heart 'bout the standard of our players, leagues & quality. I will choose Azrai as the Head Coach for U20 so Azrai can develop himself as International coach. Enough la Azrai with Kedah team, as believe me YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE being the Hijau Kuning coach. Same goes with Dollah Salleh. Doesn't mean that you are very close to Raja Muda you have to be under his arm-pit forever. Look at bigger picture la Sdr. DS.

Hakim Amir said...

setuju dengan Anonymous 2.17am,

Azrai Khor should be given the youth coach title so he can prepare himself and the youth squad to take over the senior mantle one day (soon!)..

to quote Pet Shop Boys ... Go West!!!!! look further beyond your current confort zone

karmicsports said...

So akar what r u trying to say we just dont need a national football team ?? haha then look like the things that is goin in our NATIONS politics we should not have the government we have now at all we ask them to open the eyes also tis fellas are not serious one, lets see how coach Raja handles the players with due respect from the peformance of Harimau Muda that shows thay can make any time in the Malayasian League run for their money so do we blame FAM only or the state FA's as well the GRASSROOTS should be serious and the GOVERNMENT should pump money to all states what can FAM do come out wif plan no money, we must be sincere and have the same drive to bring our nation not only in football but every expect in out nation we need CHANGE, everytime i sing the NEGARAKU i hope for that !!