Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is Dollah the right candidate?

Former Chelsea right-back and national supremo, Allan Harris, said football was all about man-management. The question is how one manages the resources at his disposal.

In one of many conversations I had with the English gentleman, he said: "There are three types of coaches - autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. The autocratic coach likes to crack the whip to get things done.

"The democratic one prefers to discuss and talk with the players with an open mind and even tap some ideas from his players while the coach who falls in the third category leaves everything to his charges.

"I would like to think myself as someone in the second category. My idea of a democratic coach is Dave Sexton (former Chelsea and Manchester United coach). But I have told the my players not to treat kindness as softness."

At Crystal Palace in the late-70s, Harris had a hand in shaping the careers of stout left-back Kenny Sansom, defensive stalwart Terry Fenwick and forward Clive Allen - all of whom went on to become England full internationals.

At Barcelona he had the privilege of working alongside Bernd Schuster, Gary Lineker, Steve Archibald, Andoni Zubizarretta and of course Diego Maradona.

Now when I read media reports that Dollah Salleh was tipped to succeed B. Sathianathan as the national head coach, I wonder in which category of coaches does Dollah fall into.

Does Dollah see the need for Malaysian footballers to understand that one gains success only through hard work, discipline and focus allied with talent?

Is everybody equal from Dollah's perspective, irrespective of age and talent?

From what I've gathered, Dollah is a laissez-faire type of coach...

And another thing, I heard the newly-appointed team manager Datuk Gulzar Mohd Noor wants to run the national team like his empire...woe be unto Malaysian football if that happens!


KakiBola said...

WITHOUT PREJUDICE - Dollah is not at all the right candidate for the job. FAM is just making things easier for themselves by naming Dollah as he is relatively easier to be released by the 'no class' Shahzan Muda of Pahang. Compared to the other 3 candidates - K.Devan (Selangor - my top candidate), W.Jamak W.Hassan(N.Sembilan) and Mohd Azraai Khor (Kedah) who are committed to the top clubs in the Super League and of course the states will be reluctant to release them to the national team.

Anonymous said...

Gulzar nak amek Jalil Rambli dan Tayanathan sebagi penolong jurulatih.

FAM ni tak habis habis nak jaga kroni. Apa nak jadi tak tau le....

Anonymous said...

I've fullest respect to Dollah Salleh (DS) but to be honest pleazzzz NOT HIM for the National Team Head Coach!!! Dato Gulza please avoid of having ex PDRM team set-up in the National Team. Perhaps you are not the right candidate for National Team Manager either!!

KakiBola said...

Appointment of assistant coaches should be left entirely to the head coach to decide as that is a very important job for any head coach. He must be given the free hand to select his trusted assistants rather than others appointing them on his behalf and later create problems. The manager should only concentrate on the welfare and needs of the team

Anonymous said...

Petikan utusan 7 April 2009

Sultan Ahmad Shah berkata demikian selepas melancarkan kejohanan Liga Bola Sepak Remaja Komuniti Kebangsaan 2009 (NOJCFL'09), di sini, semalam.

general secretary fam yang teror sangat tu, ambil lah tindakan terhadap presiden yang jelas-jelas merasmikan sesuatu yang tidak mendapat 'sanction' fam.

kecut te**r!!!!!!!!!!

bunyiguitar said...

DOLLAH SALLEH !!!! mmmmmmmm definately not lah. I've seen him coaching during his days with selangor but unfortunately NOTHING that the players can learn from him.
I agree with u bro that his style would definately be laissez-fair. Meaning he would come to training as he feels like coming and no planning, no training schedule, no nothing. He would come after attending to his business .... for him business comes first.
Another thing, he is the type that will never try to gain the current knowledge about modern football .. NEVER.
And for the manager ... THE TEAM WILL MASUK LONGKANG LAH if he is going to appoint his men in the team. APA NAK JADI LAH BOLASEPAK MALAYSIA NI ... TAK HABIS-HABIS CARI MASALAH. Maybe for FAM it is easier to sack them when they failed.
FAM must bring in Foreign Coach ... kalau susah sangat atau mahal .... STEVE BUTLER DAN KEN WORDEN kan ada .. tgk apa jadi kat Kelantan dan Terengganu .....

Anonymous said...

kepada bunyi guitar...semak fakta dulu,..Ken Woerden tu bukan bagus mana,..keje brick layer je sebelum jadi coach Selangor,..and dengar dia pun dpt lesen kat FAm..masa 1991 mcm tu..

Apa2 pun, despite respect Dollah as je was a good player duirng his time,..I dont think he is cut for the job...
Setuju ngan Rizal,.dia ni jenis lepak and relax coach, tak sesuai lah for national team.
Sebenarnya Azraai pun sama gak mcm Dollah,..menang pun sebab import bagus.
Yang paling baik dan layak,..maybe K masalahnya ialah dia mungkin sukar dpr respect player senior,..kecuali budak2 ex-u20 dia,..mcm kembar,.min kedah etc..
Devan, kata setting game untuk menang and kalah,..wan jamak pula pernah gagal dulu.
So entahlah,.we dont have enough good quality local coach'es sebenarnya...Maybe, import is the right answer...


Tok Selampit said...

Ken worden berjaya semasa di selangor sebab dia punyai material yang bagus. Sekarang apa dah jadi dengan terengganu?

Butler pulak jangan kita terpedaya dengan kebangkitan kelantan. kelantan juga ramai pemain yang top-top. Apa pencapaian Butler semasa dia handle team Sabah? Habuk pon tadak....