Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Malaysia v UAE

Indra (left) snapping on Wright-Philips' heels - zuma press

Ismail Matar

Hardi (left) chasing Essien -

Ahmad Khalil - AFP

Something that will be missing in tonight's Asian Cup qualifiers between Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates is the atmosphere one usually gets if a match is held in an Arab nation.
Since Malaysians in Klang Valley have little faith in the domestic game and its purveyors, I doubt it if there would be loudhailers and atmospheric pipe music to generate an incredible atmosphere. In short, Malaysia will be short of fan power and vocal support.
Anyhow, Malaysia's key players: Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, Hardi Jaafar, Indra Putra Mahayuddin

UAE's key players: Ismail Matar, the MVP of the FIFA World Under-20 Youth Championship in 2003 and Ahmad Khalil, Asian Young Player of the Year for 2008.

UAE's prospects: Coach Dominique Bathenay who once played alongside Michel Platini at St Etienne is keen to open their campaign with a win after a disappointing result in the recent Gulf Cup. He has not studied footage of the Malaysian team, meaning he is underestimating Malaysia's strengths. Malaysia must attack the heart of their defence through speed and precision.
Malaysia's prospects: Keeper Syamsuri Mustaffa will be back manning the posts, while Kl Plus' Norhafiz Zamani Misbah leading the rearguard. Hardi Jaafar's left peg and Indra Putra Mahayuddin's attacking instincts are crucial to B. Sathianathan's plans.
Prediction: A draw


Pejuang Ufuk Timur said...

Hey bro, I will be there. And I will see you there!

Met with the Malaysian players yesterday at Subang Ria. They don't look very happy. I remembered the days when we could trash Singapore 4-0 in their own backyard. How we wish of those times eh?

ed_the_red said...

results of this match would proved to be interesting..why? because i am sure that most Malaysians didn't even realize that there is a match to be played tonight..and Malaysia being Malaysia..when no one appears to give a damn..somehow they will end up getting a favorable result..well, that's what i am wishing for anyway..but, Malaysia being Malaysia, they can also somehow stick a knife in your heart and twist it until your blood runs dry..that's what happen during previous tiger (Suzuki) cup..remember Malaysia Vs Indonesia and just recently Malaysia Vs Vietnam anyone? talking about the pitfalls of Malaysian football should you decide to compile and print it, would enable you to have a few volumes of thick encyclopedias..but as a Malaysian and always a Malaysian, my heart will always be and bleeds Malaysian football..Hope the guys can focus on playing football (forget about the WAGs lads) and make us proud..Malaysia Boleh (Boleh Menang..Boleh Kalah)..

coretan_khalayak said...

Malaysia perlu berada di tangga kedua untuk layak ke Qatar -
prediction : Malaysia takkan layak

buat peminat yang ke stadium bawa sekali kain putih beri isyarat buat Sathia - Letak Jawatan kemudian disusuli Vice President & Co. yang "setia-kat wanG" yang belum tentu pernah wakil sekolah tapi hanya menghancurkan pembangunan bola Malaysia sejak dia mengetuk pintu FAM @ 2007 ..

coretan_khalayak said...

Malaysia 0 - 4 UAE

Selamat Jalan Sathia , KJ & co.

Ex NST with an eye on MM said...

Don't ever become a bookie. Don't think your predictions have reached 30% correct.

Btw, are you making a comeback to the Malay Mail Sports team?

Your good friend had an article about Malay Mail returning to NSTP. Stale news but at least he published it.

One of your cronies, Graig Nunis was seen at the Mail Mail office last night. Was he paving the way for you and him to return?

His crony, Zam is already the assistant sports editor.

Looks like the return to the old Malay Mail but won't be the same without the great SS.

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