Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's open our doors

Loose cannon with Mr Mohajerani

Why don't we open our doors to foreigners, grant them citizenship and ask them to don our yellow and black strip? Let's treat this as a short-term measure while we seek to provide remedial measures to our footballing woes. I discussed this issue with former Iran coach, Heshmat Mohajerani, at the Media Centre at the Doha Asian Games in 2006. Read here and
here for his profile.

I proposed this to Sultan Ahmad Shah in 2007 during the Press conference following his son Tengku Abdullah's resignation from FA of Malaysia but His Royal Highness shot it down. YB Khairy Jamaluddin too is not interested. Read this forum here and another forum here.

My idea is for the national team to rediscover the winning feeling, even at Asean level. Mind you, we last won the SEA Games gold medal almost 20 years ago. We failed to climb the podium in the next five editions until the Under-23 age limit was imposed in 2001. Since then we bagged the silver in 2001, bronze in 2003, bronze again in 2005 but returned empty-handed from Korat in 2007.

We finished runners-up in the inaugural Tiger Cup in 1996 but failed dismally in 1998, finished third in 2000, fourth in 2002, third in 2004, third in 2006 but failed to advance beyond the group stage in 2008/09. Our kiasu neighbours meanwhile have tasted that winning feeling, with the help of Mat Sallehs and Africans, of course, on two occasions! Only when the feel good factor envelopes the country, then we can cajole our fans to fill the stadium!
The team will definitely pose a bigger attacking threat if we have someone in the calibre of Christian Bekamenga to partner Safee Sali, no disrespect to the others. Bekamenga was eligible in 2006 because he was uncapped and had strong attachment to Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia that he named his daughter after our pretty songbird, Siti Nurhaliza. He later left for Indonesia and was picked for the Cameroon Olympic team before joining French club FC Nantes in 2008.


Anonymous said...

foreigner mana nak datang main kat M'sia. gaji pun x bayar? PFA tak wujud langsung.
Bile report to FAM, dia suruh refer state FA yg dah tentunya x bayar in the 1st place.
Elok Steve Darby ni pecah lobang dlm ESPN baru ade kelas, baru dunia tau!

ex pro

Anonymous said...

Utk 'short term' rasanya kita perlu sebab rasanya dlm tempoh 5 - 6 tahun lagi b/sepak kita masih begini & tak akan ke mana - mana. Apatah lagi tiada sebarang usaha kukuh yang dilakukan oleh semua pihak terbabit. Tak habis-habis hanya bertekak dalam surat khabar atau di hotel - hotel masa 'brain storming'. Pas tu segala idea dok bawah meja atau dalam tong sampah.

Anonymous said...






wak Arjun said...

Bro Rizal...

Mana jeritan2 "Malaysia Boleh" hingga nak terkeluar anak tekak masing2? Mana dia kesungguhan betapa Maysia aka Bolehland boleh apa saja? Mana dia pekikan jatidiri rakyat Maysia hinggakan kita terdesak membuka ruang kepada "orang luar" untuk pulang dengan pingat? We must be THAT bad and DESPERATE la ha?

Medal-wise, I agree it does increase our chances of winning something, at least at ASEAN level. But besides that? And what if, the most scary part, we are still, unfortunately, got the same people manning FAM?

We must be suckers!!!!

May I suggest:
1. Change the Management. FAST!!
2. Change the Management. FAST!!
3. Change the Management. FAST!!
4. Only then we hire a qualified Foreign Coach cum manager, moving forward.

Or else, kita "batu-nisankan" saja FAM. RIP. Peace.

"Stay Away From The Stadia"

BorakBola said...

100% tak setuju! You know my stand on this Rizal :). Surely Malaysia can get anak bangsa dia yang boleh main bola and tak perlu carik orang luar. I mean, look at Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. They don't need naturalised players like Singapore and they can still give a good game. The recent Asia Cup 2011 qualifiers saw even Thailand and Indonesia drawing with the likes of Iraq and Australia (yes, Australia second stringers but can our team give them a run for the money?). Okay I admit Vietnam and Indonesia punya population lebih ramai dari Malaysia but that's not an excuse.

It's all about talent scouting and youth development. (India is the second most populous nation in the world but diorang crap jugak, while on the other scale Cameroon has less than us tapi diorang sure lagi terer).

I still don't believe that the most of the current batch of national players are the best Malaysia have to offer. Something is missing somewhere (this is obvious lah) but for example, mana pergi pemain non-Malays? Takkan orang Cina and India tak main bola? Toksah cerita padang besar, futsal I know have many talented non-Malays players as well. Don't forget it's not just about fitness, technique and skills, players must also have football brains. For one I'm sick of Malaysia playing long balls against teams who have taller players. Asyik main style itu aje. So kenapa tak boleh main macam Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia? Apa diorang pun tak makan nasik?

At the CYC tourney bebaru ni, the young tigers are quite decent. What's going on with them? What has happened to them? Today in Utusan Robert Alberts touched about his Road Map (remember the Road Map Rizal?) WHERE IS THIS BLOODY ROAD MAP la?? Aku nak tengok!

I seriously hope FAM should consider sending the Harimau Muda (Rajagopal boys) playing elsewhere and not pick up the bad habits from the M League. Why not work with the other FAs from AFF and have the Harimau Muda play in either the S League or even the V League? Tak perlu hantar ke Europe ke or jauh-jauh (sebab same excuse each time - home sick etc), kalau hantar main for example ke Singapore ke, boleh tinggal Johor, kos pun kurang. At least maybe boleh exposed to better quality games and oppositions. We all know that AFC has rated our league as "D" and the Liga Super Indonesia and S League are higher rated. So why not consider this?

Indonesia has realised that their back-up to the current talents is slow in coming because of years of mismanagement and they are now trying to change this decline. Their under-17s are going for a second year stint in the Uruguayan league - one player has even secured a contract in Brazil. Vietnam pun dah champion Suzuki Cup, lepas ni kita pun maybe struggle to qualify even for Suzuki Cup sama cam Brunei and Timor Leste.

Dax said...

Abang Rizal,

I'd rather swim through warm puss and blood clot than let some 'import' wear our national colours. we win or lose is because of our representation. short term Singapore naturalisation is not the way, at least the singaporeans are underpopulated.

Its the system and development plus the leagues that need overhaul, not guns for hire. We need to bring foreign players into our leagues but those from coutries below 35 ranking and the FAM vetting comm and player status shld audit the players coming in and set certain standards like caps or 1st class club appearances or whther the state can afford it or not.

By the way bila free?

ed_the_red said...

this really is a tricky question..mungkin boleh berjaya..serupa macam proton..mula mula pakai enjin mitsubishi..pas tu develop enjin sendiri campro..cuma masalahnya with the current set of players that we have now, i don't think it will really work..i really did pity the lads...cheerd when winning but jeered when losing..masalahnya masa ni selalu kalah jadi selalu kena boo la gamaknya ya..i wonder if FAM ever did any assessment of the current players state of mind...i feared that when accustomed to losing they didn't even care..and that spells danger..guess that we have to take that with the current crop of players that we have won't change the fortune of Malaysian football overnight..why not bring back Lim Teong Kim who has vast experience with Bayern Munich youth to draft a long term masterplan and nurture the talents of our young ones..we have to start from scratch..maybe a 20 year plan..definitely it will take a long time but considering it was light years ago we last taste success..20 years in the future is a time worth waiting..

Red Devil Kola Perlis said...

I agree with Borak Bola, malaysian footballers must have brain. I had this experience watching live M League, in the post match interview, the player who won man of the match do not know how to answer the interview. This is serious man. That show how low is our football standard.

Touching on your idea, i think its workable. Whoever has malaysian nationality/PR should be allowed to play. Probably they love Malaysia more than current national players and play harder. We are all aware that there are few foreign players who married with local. Get them in or get their children in. Bottom line is competition.

I like to suggest that football in malaysia should be more focus. Do not tie with school, instead, football academy at every state to run the youth league, say U12 to U18. Education should be tailored to football. The facility at the academy will allow the running of the league, world class pitch, hostels, gym and etc. It will save the league cost. It will run at cost but i'm sure private sectors will able to subsidise.

It's now or never.

PS: All my life, I pray for Perlis to win Malaysia Cup (Granted), now hoping Malaysia will qualify to world cup final round before I die. Now I'm 31, I'm crossing my fingers.

Anonymous said...

Topik menarik! Semakin lemah National Team kita semakin hilang semangat orang - orang kita nak hantar junior - junior mereka main bola. Itulah yang dah berlaku sekarang kepada keluarga Ah Chong, Ah Kow dan bermacam-macam Ah lagi. Mak Bapak depa cakap pi jual VCD/DVD atau bukak kedai Kue Tiaw lagi untung ma. Ramasamy, Mutusamy dan Ravindran kata tak berminat nak main Liga M sebab dah ada dalam team, coach cakap mereka tak cukup bagus (pilih warna..) so lagi baik main Liga tempatan atau abis kuat Piala Bardhan atau wakil MIFA ke Itali (sebab Cik Minister yang lalu dah endorsed team mcm ni). So sapa nak main bola sekarang??? Anak saya minat nak main bola, pi tengok dia beraksi di padang sekolah, Coach (Cikgu la tu) yang mengajar tak pakai but, tapi kasut Power. Dia sendiri tak de basic futball tapi jd coach. Ini bukan jurulatih tapi juruletih!! Padang keras mcm simen, baik main street soker. So mcm mana nak lahirkan pemain - pemain yang baik dari peringkat akar umbi?? Scouting talent kita malas dan tak mau berkorban, mungkin kerana 'fulus' kurang' ATAU tak masyuk!! Saya pernah terdengar Lim Teong Kim ckp dia bukan 'magician' dan saya tak rasa dia orang yang sesuai untuk jadi coach Malaysia. Dah duduk dgn team Bayern tak kan nak latih team M'sia kot?? Kurang-kurangnya pi Inter Milan ke, AC Milan ke dsb. Wak Arjun, kalau tukar management 1000x pun tak pasti boleh mengubah nasib Malaysia sobab yang penting pemain sendiripun kekadang tak berubah. Vietnam & Thailand succeded sobab they love this game so much & they are willing to sacrifice but our lads??? Sambil menulis saya terfikir maybe OPEN OUR DOOR POLICY is the immediate answer! Ex Nat. Youth

Anonymous said...


Daripada pandangan peribadi gua, gua memang tak setuju seratus persen. Gua tak nak lu samakan kita ngan singapore. Kita ada maruah negara kita sendiri maksud gua kita masih ada rakyat malaysia berjantina lelaki yang berpotensi untuk mengembalikan maruah negara dalam arena sukan terutamanya bolasepak. Bro cuba lu lihat kembali era football 70an kenapa kita berjaya? Kenapa.. Kenapa...Kenapa? Setelah gua usulkan pertanyaan maka gua pun jawablah sendiri dari perspektif gua... Kerana pemain pemain malaysia itu terdiri dari berbilang warna warna Malaysia sebagai contoh Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Mendiang 'Spiderman', Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari dan ramai lagi yang yang tak perlu disebut kerana kita dibesarkan di era kegimalangan bolasepak Malaysia. Yaa gemilangnya Malaysia ketika itu. Semangat ke Malaysiaan begitu tinggi. Cuba lu recall kembali suatu masa dulu Malaysia mampu mengalahkan pasukan England B sebelum seri pada perlawanan kedua.Lihatlah Betapa payahnya mat salleh UK nak mengadap 'perajurit perajurit' padang kita waktu itu. Bukan seperti versi sekarang kita seperti ikan bilis yang tak ada isi. Kalau sekarang ni gua mengadap tv nak tengok team Malaysia main bola lebih baik gua keluar ajak bini gua minum teh tarik pas tu kena roti canai kat ampang point. Sampai tak ada mood nak tengok apatah lagi gua pun bukan kenal sangat muka player Malaysia ni semua. Malas nak ingat nama diorang. Bukan macam kita kat school dulu bro kalau time P.E. bila dapat main bola masing masing berangan nak arumugam nak jadi soh chin aun nak jadi mokhtar dahari. Padahal masa tu baru umur 11 atau 12 tahun. Setiap kali main bola masing masing nak ikut stail player malaysia dulu. Tapi sekarang .... gua sebenarnya malas nak komen. Tapi takpelah gua komen gak dari pendapat gua sendiri bro... sekarang semangat kenegaraan pun macam hilang. generasi sekarang main bola sebab glamour, materialistik entah apa apa lagi entah. Pas tu player lak 99 peratus melayu taraf bumiputera. mana lagi non malay lebih berkaliber? Gua pun malay gak bro... bini gua mix jepun plus chinese orang singapore. Politik atau rasis atau pilih kasih? Gua malas nak sembang......... bro lu pikir la sendiri. Masa gua school dulu kat st john dulu bebudak gelar gua 'spiderman' sebab gua kurus,tinggi dan tangan panjang dan gua jadi keeper sebiji macam mendiang Arumugam kengkadang macam mendiang Ong Yu Tiang. Sampai macam tu sekali gua sayang kat idola gua, gua nak beraksi macam diorang. Kalau dulu masa gua kat st john 2 bebudak st john 1 mesti cuak nak lawan sebab penjaga gawang masa tu gua dan diorang banyak cakap cakap pasal gua. Pastu sorang lagi player st john 2 penyepak inswinger paling bahaya nama jolokan 'Baba' sebijik dia main, tendang dan gaya macam abdullah ali. Lu bayangkan betapa kita orang kat school dulu adalah peminat setia kepada Malaysia. Macam lu gak dulu bro sebelum lu buncit sekarang, dulu lu pun player st john 1 gak, agaknya stail lu main macam abdah alif kot. So bro gua tak tau lagi nak kata apa pasal bolasepak negara ni tapi gua harap berubahlah demi maruah bukan demi wang ringgit. Kalau kita import pemain dari afrika contohnya, kita beri kerakyatan dan menetap di negara kita maka makin ramailah mat afrika akan berhijrah ke Malaysia. Implikasinya lebih banyak yang buruk dari baik sebab sekarang pun yang mat afrika banyak yang bawak masalah di negara kita. Majoritinya telah mengkorupkan budaya asia kita. Maka implikasinya terhadap penyakit sosial akan bertambah. (itu pandangan gua)Mungkin kita perlukan seorang pemimpin bolasepak yang patriotik pro aktif, tidak mempolitikkan bola, tidak gila kuasa dan kurangkan taraf bumiputera dalam tim bola. Kita rojakkan warna warna berkaliber dalam tim kita. Nescaya mungkin iklim bolasepak negara akan berubah. So bro tolong jangan kecik hati dengan komen gua, sebab gua sayangkan Malaysia demi maruah negara.

Yang Benar

Gua sepupu Jack

Anonymous said...

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