Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In support of Gaza

Note who's behind Portsmouth, here and read what former Malaysia football coach Claude Le Roy has to say here, and browse through under the sub-head Arab leaders, here.

Respected football writer Gabriele Marcotti provides an insight on football's code of conduct here which is surely supported by Barca boss Guardiola here

The Middle East area is in turmoil because of Israel, and despite initiatives such as this here I doubt it will create the desired effect.

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Please save Gaza said...

Claude Le Roy is a Jew yet he is against what is happening in Gaza.
We need to separate Jews from Israel.
There's a big difference, just like the ignorant Mat Sallehs who label all Muslims terrorists.
I like the point about the Arab leaders not doing anything.
Rich basketiga (in other words, bastards .. bus third) all of them, care more for themselves than their brothers/sisters in Gaza.
As least our sleeping PM and the buggerer stood up for Gaza (although must make sure buggerer didn't stand too closely behind PM).
I feel most sorry for the kids who are innocent.

ps: boycotting American products will not work. It is the Malaysian workers who will suffer.
So many factories already shutting down. Can you imagine if Coke/F&N closes its plant because of the boycott?
Check out the websites, sales in Malaysia is not that great to begin with so it won't lose much.
Coke sales in India and China are nearly 100x that of Malaysia. If it closes down here, it can move there and fight Pepsi.
India is the only country where Pepsi outsells Coke.
So Coke shuts down here and moves to India to get a bigger share.
Who loses? The Malaysian factory workers.
Same with McDonalds/Burger King/KFC etc etc etc
All Malaysian workers. Unless someone wants to come out and give these guys and gals jobs, I don't think it will work.
For once the great Tun, may be wrong. But his other suggestion about the greenback makes more sense so the great man is still capable of thinking straight ... despite what some people want us to think.
So sorry for being long winded.