Friday, January 23, 2009

The best football website in the country?

I think I'm not exaggerating if I consider FA of Selangor's official website here as the best in the country, even better than that of FA of Malaysia's! With communication between departments in FAM sorely lacking, updating is certainly an insurmountable task! Before FAS came up with this website, the fans' point of reference was this website.


Pejuang Ufuk Timur said...

I thought YOUR website was the best French... err.... Malaysian football site in the country, bro!

coretan_khalayak said...


rasanya tu lagi best, klik menu International Competition > 2 competition je yang FAM kasi restu, Pestabola Merdeka 2008 ( Coming Soon!!) & Inter Continental Cup , yang Malaysia gagal , AFF Suzuki , AFC 2011 mereka akan update tapi nantila tahun 2020 kot, anyway bro i got new comment re- FAM but it's too long,

[[...$araville...]] said...

FAM website is still sleeping. Huhu.

inumsams said...

Apapun diharapkan laman ini sentiasa dikemaskini dan dapat jadi sumber rujukan utama peminat bola Selangor khususnya.

Anonymous said...

Are you hitting out at FAM because your good friend is no longer keje sana.
We tahu u 2 memang close.

Wak Arjun said...

Bro Rizal, Salam.

What's your take on this minor issue of FAM blowing away $300M in 8 years? WOW!!! That's Dunhill's 300 big ones burned (pun intended) to ashes la bro!!

Labu oh Labu.... (I am touching on AirAsia. That's another issue altogether okey?)

wak arjun said...

Million apologies bro.

I do not wish to touch on the AirAsia stuff by the mentioning of Labu oh Labu. It has another meaning which I am sure you know.

Your fellow bloggers e.g. Rocky has done quite on that bit so yes, it was a careless typo on my part. And of course the Labu issue is NOT my cuppa.

Million apologies.


Anonymous said...

lu cerita la what is your experiance masa kat dalam fam, mungkin boleh kita repair apa yang patut
you mesti tahu apa yang out dan apa yang ok kan

Anonymous said...

It's suppose 2 b more than $300 Million as Dunhill started pouring the $$$ since 1987!!!!