Friday, January 2, 2009

A different kind of performance

IN the west, venturing into the world of broadcasting is a natural progression for most athletes.

I think it is nice to see our former athletes swapping their sports attire for a broadcasting suit. For former national gymnast Nurul Fatiha Abdul Hamid, she no longer limits herself to leotards and issues surrounding the world of gymnastics.

On New Year's day, she appeared as the Info Sukan presenter over TV1 at 1.30pm and exactly 12 hours later at Gelanggang@1. Credit should be given to Haji Shaukei Kahar, the former TV3 sports presenter who gave Nurul the break at Silver Sports.
Nurul who regards Hafizal Hamad as a source of inspiration, is certainly not the only former female athlete to have taken the broadcasting plunge.

Nik Nor Azura Nik Mahmood, the former sprinter from Terengganu, is at present one of Media Prima's assets. The HotFM DJ and TV3's Malaysia Hari Ini presenter was once the nation's fastest girl but her inability to better G. Shanti's mark coupled with a series of injuries put paid to her track ambitions.

Long before Nik Nor Azura made her entry into the TV world, Marina Chin Bhatt performed admirably as a sports presenter for RTM's Dunia Sukan every Saturday afternoon, flanked by Haji Abdullah Hasim. This was in the 80s, when Malaysians shared one thing in common - that we had only three TV channels to watch.

Dunia Sukan was my main source of French football league's news and footage. Other than that, I would look forward to going back to Atok's place in Kluang, where we could access World of Sports on SBC.

Even before the advent of cable TV in Malaysia, RTM and TV3 made sure my weekends were filled with highlights of Italian Soccer, Big League Soccer and Football Made in Germany. Unlike today, live telecasts those days were restricted to the FA Cup final, the European Cup final (now you and I and the whole world call it the UEFA Champions League final) and selected matches.


Kelong Jimmy said...

Hafizal Hamad is one lucky bastard!

fariq rah said...

tak lama lagi rizal pun masuk broadcasting... every week keluar tv aje

Anonymous said...

Well, the Malaysian league got underway last night and even before the first ball was kicked there was indications that somethings were never going to change.
For days before the match the venue of the match between PDRM and UPB-MyTeam FC was published as Stadium Selayang. However only efforts by a Senior football journalist ensured that the other publications got the correct venue, that too after being pointed out by a Journalist from a Chinese publication.
And if that was not enough, the Kelantan v KL Plus match was called off, not only due to poor weather but also due to blunder by an official who failed to inspect the venue. Heard he was named as a best official recently.
Then there is the case of the host broadcaster going off air before the trophy presentation to Selangor. They opted to show the presentation to Kedah but not to Selangor.
But perhaps what was truly preplaxing was the fact that no matches were scheduled in Klang Valley on the opening night of the League. Common sense will tell you that when Selangor plays at home, all other Klang Valley teams should be playing away, but then again common sense never prevails in Malaysian football, will it ever, one doubts it.

Nurul Fatiha said...

terima kasih.. sebenarnya terdapat kesilapan.. pada awal pembabitan nurul dalam bidang penyiaran, nurul bermula dari SEN production untuk program Sukan.1 di RTM1. selepas itu nurul mendapat kepercayaan dari penerbit sukan RTM1, Effa Dian Ali untuk menjadi pengulas Sukma di Kedah dan Terengganu. Selepas itu, baru nurul menimba pengalaman dari Silver Sports. Dan saya amat berterima kasih kepada sifu2 saya seperti Haji Hasbullah, Harmi Taazim, Zainal Abidin dan Shaukei Kahar diatas segala ilmu2 yang dicurahkan. Juga kepada Effa,Hafizal,en Madi dan meja sukan RTM dan Unit Sukan RTM yang lain.. tenkiu (",)

hajeezar said...

Tksih & Selamat Maju Jaya kpd Nurul. Sekurang-kurangnya ada sedikit pembetulan & penambahan fakta yang sebelum ini disediakan oleh seseorang yang katanya banyak info. Memang Nurul berbakat mengacara bersama Sukan dotCom selama semusim (13 episod) yang disiarkan di TV1 dipadankan pula dgn atlet 'vogue' seperti Zaiful Zainal. Sebelum Nurul, Azura juga telah diketengahkan menerusi rancangan yang sama sebelum dipancing oleh astro & Hotfm. Azura juga berbakat. Sekali lagi all the best kepada Nurul & Sdr Rizal sendiri yang katanya akan menjadi permanent futbal pundit Liga Malaysia.

rizal hashim said...

Kepada Nurul dan Hajeezar,

Terima kasih memperbetulkan apa yang salah. Bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan.

Anonymous said...

Salam Che Rizal, ada pemain takraw pun dah jadi penyampai sukan iaitu cik Azlan Mubin killer semasa Sukan Asia Doha 2006. Mengulas semasa acara sepaktakraw di SUKMA 2008 dan kalau tak silap Road to Olympic 2008......

Anonymous said...

All the best to her,..some people have the chance while some who got talent were denied it for some reason....
Anyway,..just saw her on TV1,..i think she got potential, long she know the facts,..wiling to do behing camera job,..she will be fine...good luck Nurul..:)

Santiago Munez

Zuka Properties said...

salam, walaupn da lama pos ni saya sgt bharap agar tuan sudi delete gmbar saudara muslimah kita yg tak menutup aurat ni..apatah lagi pn Irma Hasmi dah tutup sepenuhnya..