Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogging from FAM

National football Under-18 coach, Ong Kim Swee, has initiated a new era for FA of Malaysia.

The former international defender has created a blog for footy fans to keep tabs on his team. See here. Kudos to Ong and FAM IT officer, Wan Nizar Taib. Both are currently in Doha for a friendly tournament. I would give them and the blog a big A for effort and presentation!

But administratively, Rodzali Yacob, beat them to it. He runs the referee's blog here. For those who have nothing but obscenities for the men in black (or a variety of colours these days), feel free to visit his blog to have a better understanding of the game. I would suggest these blogs to be linked with the official FAM website.


Anonymous said...

FAM ada IT Officer? Kalau ada, mengapa tak suruh dia je yang bereskan laman web FAM tu? Nak harapkan pegawai media buat, sakit hati je baca nanti

Anonymous said...

betul ke FAM dah ada IT Officer? Kalau macam tu, suruh je pegawai media yang duduk saja tu cari kerja lain ..... he he he

Anonymous said...

Wow sejak bila dia advertise the post?? Malu la tengok website FAM, yang kat luar punya lagi kelas. Bila la FAM nak maju???