Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Down Under

Fresh from the trip Down Under which I had to turn down last week, Haresh Deol has written a number of interesting articles.

“The NSC needs to address this issue. At present it has fallen into the trap of providing generous funding for the recruitment of foreign coaches (when locals might be just as competent) to coach elite national athletes, on the assumption these foreign coaches will produce world champions. The NSC has also been investing generously for some elite athletes to live and train overseas and provide them with an additional allowance to meet the expenses of foreign coaches.” 

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MS: There are talks of getting the National Sports Institute to work on a new technology that could revolutionise cycling around the globe. Care to explain?

JB: Malaysia has a smaller pool of talents compared to bigger nations so we have to do things the smarter way and it’s based on technology. I’ve got good knowledge in cycling but there are other aspects I need help from the experts. The NSI and a lecturer from University Kebangsaan Malaysia have been approached to develop a power crank which will help us study our riders better and this could be the first in the world. Also, we’ve in the midst of sending bicycle simulators to Malaysia in batches mainly for talent identification and also for the riders to gain experience riding on various simulated tracks. There are also plans to start a talent scouting programme, kind of like a reality show, with a local broadcasters by early next year. If that goes well, then it’s good. Otherwise, we’ll still carry on with our nationwide programme. I’m sure Malaysia have many more good cyclists. All we need to do now is to unearth them.

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somebody please get enough copies of the report for distribution to minister of sport and NSC board of directors.