Thursday, November 3, 2011

A British subject

Grandstand Ahad, Astro Arena's weekend live show hosted by Burn AF1 and yours truly, last week had the privilege of interviewing UK-based cricketer Arul Suppiah.

The all-rounder, who bowls with his left-hand but bats with his right, has grown into a handsome young man and a cricket star in his own right!

He is now a British subject. Read here. Earlier in July, Arul became a world-record holder, read here

This means he would never represent Malaysia again! But really, an athlete of his calibre would not do justice to his talent if he were to restrict himself to opportunities in Malaysia. His options were limited and why deprive him the chance to really make a living and a career out of his talent?

When I asked him on the show, how did he cope flying the nest so early in his life, he confessed he cried everyday for months. But that's all in the past.

It was in August 1998 that I last wrote about Arul...when I quoted SportExcel director Teng Mui Ngee on Arul's selection to represent England's Under-15 team in three Test matches against India.

All the best Arul!

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Anonymous said...

Syabas Bro Arul, you made the right decision to join UK and not Malaysia.... Our sports are DOOM...