Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mayhem in Mannheim


Mannheim, a place in Germany that has a footy club called Waldhof. The name will instantly click with football purists or those who used to follow Football Made In Germany in the 70s and 80s. But football is not the issue here.

A group of Malaysian track and field starlets currently based in Mannheim claim they are tightening their belts due to budget constraints. The insufficient funds have clearly left a negative impact on their performance.

When I asked Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) vice-president Karim Ibrahim about it, he said the national body had asked the National Sports Council a budget of 23,000euros to finance the trip but the government agency had only approved 80 percent of the sum.

NSC's international preparations chief, Arrifin Ghani, responded by saying said the budget was approved on the basis of MAAU's costing of 65euros per head from July 10 to Aug 8.

There's one particular chap of Arab descent who is supposedly co-ordinating the programme in Mannheim.

Now can the authorities tell me who is Khalid Al Qawati?

The athletes pitching their tent in Mannheim in their bid to qualify for the World Championship in Berlin next month are quartermiler Zaiful Zainal Abidin, hammer thrower Tan Song Hwa, middle-distance specialist Jironi Riduan, hurdlers Rayzamshah Sofian and Noraseela Mohd Khalid.


Anonymous said...

Zaiful, Noraseela...again??? Gud luck lads..

teachuhman said...


official reply lah, Standard statement: budget so much so much. This person suppose to give so much but only gave so much. That person said going to give so much so much but didn't give at all. So we can't do anything because everything is out of our hands and we can only do so much to achieve so much.

The athletes also same story lah : We are always helpless cause so many people promise to help us but nobody help us. This person said he will take care of us but at the end he only took care of himself.

I feel like I'm watching reruns of Hindi movies where the end and the story line is so predictable.


Anonymous said...

What we aspect from clowning clan managing athletics in this country

Haizul Azmi said...


I pity these athletes of ours. My wife personally knows Zaiful from school and I keep and eye on his progress to update her. This is a sad development indeed.

Btw, have you heard about MTA? None of our Taekwando exponents will be in Laos. What a shame. This politicking has to stop somewhere.

uknowmela! said...

bro, saya dah try search nama pak arab ni, ada jumpa kat jerman tapi sebab bahasa jerman dah lama tak cakap, jadi nak translate pun dah tak reti dah.....tapi dia macam FB gak kot, bahasa jerman. cuba la search....berbaloi-baloi!

R2 D2 said...

Rasanya En.Khalid Al-Qawati tu kenal dgn KI nie..
Mungkin KI boleh tlg jawabkan, takkan nk buat derk jer...
soalan seterusnya, betul ke En.Khalid ni Pengurus di Mannheim Mtg Club?