Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good luck, Jaap

Three players turned up for the trials. A bad start indeed for Dutchman Jaap Suyk, Kuala Lumpur's newly-appointed coach for the hockey Razak Cup tournament starting Aug 14. Read here. Jaap has had his fair share of disappointments since uprooting himself and his wife, Rita, from the land of Johan Cruyff and Floris Jan Bovelander to the land of Mirnawan Nawawi and Mokhtar Dahari but his enthusiasm for the game of hockey is second to none. Jaap will have Kuala Lumpur's tradition as a powerhouse in the game to hang on.

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teachuhman said...


Three as in "TIGA"? You ,ust be joking, surely there must be more than three people interested in pkaying hockey for Kuala Lumpur. What's the deal here?