Friday, July 17, 2009

Jakarta's loss, KL's gain

The Manyoo juggernaut arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur today and quickly declared the Jakarta trip was cancelled following the suicide bombing at the hotel they were due to stay.

They might play a rematch with the Malaysian team on Monday. While Fergie spent around 25 minutes at the customary PC, some of the players attended the meet-the-fan session, which was restricted to guests. Rio Ferdinand and a few others had a kick about at the KLCC parking lot.

Gary Neville (his third time in Kuala Lumpur), David Gill, Fergie and Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad

Fergie, Redzuan, Julian Kam and Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad

The guys from mainstream media...

...find themselves blocked by the photographers when it came to question and answer session

That's Paddy Crerand on the left

And legendary Bobby Charlton, undisturbed

At the hotel lobby, we bumped into injury-prone former England and Manyoo skipper, Bryan Robson. That's Tonym (extreme right) and his son Alwin (on Bryan's right)


afah said...

..salam, lc..I always envy you journos..the crowd you keep, the crowd you meet..tho I doubt KL will gain much from this u said, they r juggernauts..way beyond our league..

Anonymous said...

Man yuuuu announcement

Due to the cancellation of our indonesian trip, we will xtend our stay in Kuala lumpur and would then have an additional football match w the Selangor PKNS at MBPJ stadium. get your tickets now.proceeds will then go to the pakatan rakyat coffers.

Rio johannians

tony mariadass said...

mana sports bloggers punya gambar! backbenches blacklisted ke! hehehe!

coretan_khalayak said...

bro berapa kos FAM keluar bawa MU datang Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

allo tony,

you should be ashamed of claim higher moral ground when it comes attacking people in the sporting fraternity

what you had done is shameful! using Asian Bowling Review name to get a pass to watch the Man U-Malaysia game...and then you son loitering around using Dan Guen Chin accreditation pass....

is this an acceptable behaviour from someone who claims to be above board and freely criticising malaysian sports! MALU LA!

Anonymous said...

one thing i cannot understand with you guys, you included rizal, is the 'TAK TAU MALU' mentality of getting the media accreditation.

you guys always screamed that its your RIGHT to get the passes. Who the hell you guys, bloggers, think you are? You guys has started a very dangerous practices of 'blackmailing' FAM into giving your guys a pass to the match...what is stopping the rest of the guys from now on? just create a blog, with sporting flavours thrown in it, and then become a truly Malaysian KIASU and muka tak malu!

apa ra!

Anonymous said...

rizal, r u censoring comments nowadays?

how come when i pointed out about tony mariadass who misuse ASIAN BOWLING REVIEW to get a media pass for malaysia-man united match, you never let it get posted? How come bowling can get bola punya pass? U think WTBC will give football writers pass ke kalau kita guna ASIAN FOOTBALL REVIEW? jangan double standard la bro

kenapa pula bro diam when i tulis yang anak tony mariadass tu salah guna pass Dan Guen Chin masa kat hotel? Bro rizal tak perasan ke, atau buat-buat tutup mata? solidarity amongst bloggers? coz why expose when we are in the same shameful boat?

explain la...

Anonymous said...

Captain Marvel Forever !!! Still the fastest goal in World Cup History ??? England v France World Cup 1982...i stand corrected.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

apolgs...the fastest goal in the world cup history...hakan sukur 11 secs...World Cup 2002 3rd place play off...Turkey v Korea Rep.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

saya sokong pandangan afah. apa sangat yang kl gained from the jakarta loss? MU stayed back in KL sebab nak penuhkan lagi kantung die orang. malaysia pulak terhegeh-hegeh nak main lagi sebab rasa macam boleh makan jer MU ni. piirraaahhh!!!
fam should learn many things. rasa marah dan terkilan sangat lagu NegaraKu tak berkumandang sebelum game. Sebelum match starts, ada 2 mangkuk berkawad sana sini konon-konon bangga sangat Malaysia dapat main dgn MU. lepas tu lambai tangan pulak kat penyokong Malaysia di sudut Malayan Tigers. they should feel sad that malaysian league tak dapat sokongan seumpama ini. they should dream on how nak dapatkan sokongan sebegitu rupa terhadap liga malaysia. sendiri tanya la apa rasa bila masuk stadium dengan sorakan menggila dari penonton..
bangang punya fam!!!
rizal .. make sure you post this writing.

rizal hashim said...

Anon 9.23am,

I don't think I need to dignify your comments with a response, unless you reveal your identity. It's easy to throw stones at people and then hide the hand.

Interesting to note the majority of sports bloggers with journalistic background in this country blog openly by using our names and most of us have the courage to accept criticism.

Anyway my thanks to FAM for keeping up with the trend of being friendly to the new media, especially those who are quite well known in the mainstream media before going "underground", so to speak.

Anonymous said...

At the hotel lobby, we bumped into injury-prone former England and Manyoo skipper, Bryan Robson. That's Tonym (extreme right) and his son Alwin (on Bryan's right)


Why didn't u meantion the injury prone Tony Mariadass??