Sunday, July 5, 2009

From Brickfields to Newcastle, via orbit

Grew up in Brickfields, schooled at Victoria Institution and Harvard, went to orbit with Measat and Maxis and now likely to park our Malaysian ringgit at Newcastle - that's Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan for you. As an Astro subscriber since its early days in 1996, I can claim to have a minute stake at Newcastle United, if AK's move to buyover the club that propelled Jackie Milburn, Malcolm McDonald and Terry McDermott to stardom, becomes a reality. AK is set to invest to a Toon, oops, tune of RM500 million to take over the Magpies. Ananda's fellow Victorian but very much his junior, Khairul Khalid, should be grinning ear to ear for he's one of maybe five Malaysians who keep tabs on what's happening at St James' Park. Imagine AK was once interested in buying over the Malay Mail! Read here.


Khan said...

Then I have a 'share' too since I subscribe to both Astro (2 accounts) and Maxis (5 lines) haha :-D

Trashed said...

According to a press release, AK has no interest in buying Newcastle or authorising anyone to negotiate on his behlaf.

So - wrong info ... or smokescreen ?

Has AK invested in any sports venture so far ? I don't recall any, though he has been associated with Live Aid in 1985.