Friday, July 10, 2009

Success for Selangor hockey

The genuine work one puts in behind the scenes is usually eclipsed by the internal bickering and back-stabbing that take place in our sports fraternity.

Organising a tournament is no easy task. The amount of paperwork, co-ordination and communication can be overwhelming for someone new to the game.

Any initiative to keep sports alive is therefore must be lauded.

The Selangor Hockey Association (SHA), for example, is busy with the 8th Sukses Selangor Championship starting today at the Pandamaran Stadium. Group A comprises Klang, Sepang, Kuala Selangor and Kuala Langat while Petaling, Hulu Langat, Gombak and Sabak Bernam form Group B.

"It is an Under-22 inter district tournament in preparation for Sukma 2010," said SHA vice-president, Kuganeson Poologasingam.

It will be followed by the Selangor Champions schools tournament on July 18-19, which will be an avenue for SHA to identify the core players to represent the State at the National Champions Schools.

Kuganeson, who is a also a blogger, said in an effort to relaunch a league organised by SHA, a day long 8-a-side hockey tournament will be held at Pandamaran on Aug 1. Kuganeson, who is also the SHA deputy chairman of the competitions committee, welcomes old and new affiliates to revive the game at State level.

"The more the merrier," he said.


observer said...

My toes are laughing after being asleep for years and bringing hockey into a sham this bloke want;s to speak.One question to ask is where are the leagues Selangor used to orgainise,ur heading should be changed to Selangor hockey awakes from sleep or deep slumber.

Anonymous said...

let ur toes laugh goes knows they know the exercise.....on hindsight what ever this bloke wants good or bad he is willing to face it....

We stand back guilty what we were what we could be and what we was!!!

You do not have the courage to ask, how can we? and what do!!

Kudos to this chap!! hope he dun crash and burn

Anonymous said...

More laughter as this anon does not even know sukses is actually a Selangor state run competition.

Anonymous said...

Correction SUKSES while run by MSN the day to day running organizing managing of teams, matches and officials.

I had a chance to go to the Stadium and watch the games, I must say they have done an almost great job taking over and organizing activities and they have 2 more lined up one I think it Champions School and the other 8-a-side tournament.

Hope the fire does not die out. While we criticize we must also take the effort to support